Has Congress always been this neutered?


Rove isn’t testifying. And there doesn’t seem to be anything Congress can do abou it. Should Congress be given the power to arrest anyone who doesn’t comply with a Congressional subpoena? How is Congress supposed to be a check on the White House without it?

Congress isn’t the police, so they can’t arrest people as such, but it is illegal to ignore a Congressional subpoena. Basically, Rove’s “executive privilege” argument is utter manufactured bullshit, and what should happen next is that the Congress brings the case to the Supreme Court, who rules that it’s bullshit and he has to testify, and then if he still doesn’t, he goes to prison. However, since this Democratic Congress is a bunch of dickless do-nothings and the Supreme Court is in the Bush Administration’s pocket anyway, probably what actually happens is that they spend the next six months negotiating a face-saving agreement which ends up with Rove testifying for one hour only in a classified setting while not under oath.

Actually from what I gather it’s up to the Justice Department to prosecute Congressional contempt citations, and they’ve made it clear in the past they’re not inclined to do so. I could be wrong though.

No, I’m probably wrong, because I just recited that process from memory. If that’s the case, then that is a pretty horrible loophole that isn’t the fault of our current mostly-inept Congress… the team in charge of prosecuting Congressional contempt citations works for the President? Really? Nice system there, dork-offs, I don’t see any potential for abuse at all.

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Not only can they arrest people, there are jail cells in the capitol building just for that purpose.

Just wiki’d this subject: Contempt of Congress - Wikipedia

In other words yeah it’s an awful loophole that the Bush administration is mercilessly exploiting.

What’s especially interesting is that I don’t think you can cite executive privilege as a reason not to appear in front of Congress. You can cite it with regards to every question you’re asked - but you still have to show up.

In this case, the Bush administration is basically thumbing its nose at Congress. It’s pretty horrific really, and it’s one of those things that I’d love an Obama justice department to prosecute them for. Once Obama takes office and appoints an AG just subpoena Rove, Meiers, the whole crew - if they refuse to appear arrest 'em.

Let’s add Bush, Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft, a lot of other names to that list as well…

Part of me wants this to go slowly because any legal action/punishment taken against Rove will only be pardoned by Bush when he leaves office. Another part of me realizes that after Bush leaves office, Congress ain’t gonna give a shit about any of this.

Rev. Jackson, is that you?

I believe the proper Jacksonian phrase is “Cut his nuts out.” I just remember because it’s an interesting choice of preposition. It seems to imply that the testicles will be extracted while leaving the scrotum relatively intact.

Yeah, what the hell was all that about?? Hey Jesse, we’re probably going to have a black (or at least bi-ethnic) President and you’re bitching about it? What’s up with that?

I really wish that Obama hadn’t just recently completely shattered my faith in his actually being different by voting for FISA, otherwise I’d be looking forward to that day too.

Where I use to live the term was “Cod Hobbled.”


I’m always torn by the idea of high-profile Congressional investigations. I’ve read some libertarian opinions that they help keep the Executive branch in check, which is nice, but in the modern day they seem to be such obnoxious extravaganzas that only serve to get political-media addicts in a tizzy. I wish Congress could keep the pressure on and get the information out there without making it such a soap opera that I had to hear about for weeks on end.

Because Obama is succeeding where he failed. Rev. Jackson is jealous.

They could always just wait, and prosecute after Obama is president.


I wish Congress could keep the pressure on and get the information out there without making it such a soap opera that I had to hear about for weeks on end.

It’s one thing to investigate torture, war, and illegal wiretapping. Quite another thing to investigate someone’s penis.