Has G4 Run Out of Money?

I mean, I’m sitting here with dinner and o-ho, I see X-Play was on. I had heard it was canceled, saw the thread (which I could not find again) long ago, but maybe the fans demanded it back, I mean, there are no other tv outlets for current video game reviews and news.

Oh, and there’s Thomas Jane pimping a Kickstarter project, Bad Planet. Not my thing, but I like Thomas Jane, and he’s barefoot on the show, so that’s kind of hipster, so let’s take a look at the project. Hmmm, the funding project ended August of TWO THOUSAND TWELVE! Oh, and what the hell, they recommend Dance Central 2 as a gateway game (the third has long been out).

Has G4 gotten so broke that they cannot afford episodes of Cops of Campus Cops or Mall Cops or whatever the lowest dregs are that they are showing episodes of a show that relies on being current from over a year ago?!?!

Oh hey, and it looks like the 3DSXL will be out in a week or two.

This is the thread you wanted: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?70588-The-end-of-G4-is-coming-Soonish/page2

Long story; short version: G4 is a zombie.

The post in the other thread explains a lot now. I was wondering why there was a Esquire channel and a G4 channel. I thought maybe they just forgot to hit the switch, which well they kinda did I guess since they’re not making any new programming for it.