Has it been 10 years already?

Shit. Just looked at my join date and it was March 2006.

I thought you meant since Civilization IV. Yes and Yes. (Apparently). Time flies.

Did you sign up to Qt3 to talk about the newly released Civ 4?

If so then reminisce over —> here

10 years… or more… and now we are moving to a new home! How exciting!

Happy decade REI!

Hey, we joined at the same time.

::raises a toast::

To ten years more!

Happy 10th anniversary rei!


I sort of did. Not exactly, but I heard about Qt3 from some podcast that Brad Wardell was doing with Tom Chick. It was also on that podcast that I learned I should buy Civ 4 because it is awesome. Which I did, and it was. As for Qt3, it took me weeks to realize that most of the content was found on the forum and not the bare bones (at the time) front page.

I signed up because of CG magazine or CGW.

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I still remember when the board was phpbb

Yeah, same for me. I believe Tom had a reference to Qt3 in his byline. I loved the columns he and Kelly Wand wrote in CGM, still miss that stuff. More Kelly I guess, since of course Tom is still writing a bunch here.

And hey, it’s been 10 years for me too! I lurked for years though before actually signing up, I think I was a little intimidated. Like sitting on an onramp for a crazy busy highway, not really sure where to jump in. But I do remember what inspired me to finally join in and post, it was Raph Koster’s thread on the death of single player gaming. From my perspective 10 years on, it’s clear he was more right than I was, big surprise there right? But I have mostly joined my brothers and sisters in online gaming. Though I am still very happy that with things like Witcher 3, GTA V, the new Tomb Raiders games, etc., that there is still a place for the single player campaigner.

I read this board a lot, but didn’t sign up until much later. You guys are intimidating!

Heh, that was me a little bit too. I believe I came over about 2004 through Dominions 2, I believe.

I first poked around near the end of Fidgit. I’d found Tom by Crispy Gamer, and followed his writing elsewhere after that. I even semi regularly commented on the front page, especially during the halcyon days of playing Tom and Xtien n Ascension. Even got a name check from him on the podcast for explaining the way the log worked!

But I stayed quiet until they started the Classic Game Club. It was time to play classics I’d missed.

I signed up as a result of a post by Mark Asher on use net in sissy pigs.

That was back in the very beginning. Is Usenet still around? Does anyone post there? There were some real bitchfests on Usenet.

Ha! I came over due to Mark’s work at Gamecenter. Weird how many different places all sort of gravitated together.

And yes, Usenet still exists. It’s largely a ghost town, from what I remember from a few years ago.

Usenet only exists as a sort of discreet way of pirating files.