Has your commute gotten better?

In recent days, I’ve noticed that there are a lot fewer cars on the road. I’m guessing it has to do with gas prices.

I use the metro rail. I wouldn’t know.

The highway HAS seemed a little more clear these day although there seem to be a higher concentration of assholes on it (cut you off, won’t let you in, change lanes without signaling, drive on the shoulder, etc). I guess they have all the money.

I use the rail here too, but it has gotten worse during peak hours anyway. Ridership has increased a lot in the last few years, and trains have become packed to the gills, to the point where you often have to let two or three fully-packed ones just go on by before you can finally get on one. And thanks to the traffic congestion downtown, there aren’t really any simple fixes to it.

It’s hard to say if it’s tied to gas prices though, since we’ve had a population growth spurt here too.

I still can’t get over the number of pseudo monster trucks I see out here in the greater Sacramento area with gas prices the way they are. Many of them are new and shiny and this isn’t exactly an area where people have a lot of disposable income. What about the others here living in a conservative, Bush/Cheney 04’ bumper sticker territory - you guys still see a lot of monster trucks and SUVs?

I see a ton of SUVs and Hummers around here. I guess people will never figure it out.

I only live a block from work, but on the occasions I have to drive, even at rush hour, it’s substantially less congested than even a year ago.

I’ve noticed a little lighter traffic on my way to the train, but the train itself seems a little lighter.

I’m not sure if we’re hitting the start of vacation season more.

What train do you take and from where?

By vacation season do you mean school vacations, or the “vacation season” from Memorial Day to Labor Day?

In the last week driving in and out of the city from the South Shore during peak times I have noticed traffic is lighter until about 8AM. The peak volume tappers off sooner.

About a month ago if I tried to drive the 30 miles from my office into the city at 8 AM I was better off waiting until 10 or 11 to avoid traffic. Now I can leave at 9 and only hit a small amount of traffic from the end of the HOV lane until the Mass Pike/South Station exit off 93 north.

I’m in Maryland and commute from Baltimore to Harford County and honestly its gotten worse. That said, I’m seeing fewer SUVs. Even at work, there are a lot of guys driving the “wife car” in.

I moved from San Francisco to Seattle just to get out of having to ride the train an hour each way underneath the frickin’ bay. All these articles about “99% chance of major Bay Area quake in the next 30 years” have convinced me that I did the right thing. Riding train through underwater tunnel in earthquake-prone area = Not Desirable.

So now I’ll have 10 minutes each way, non-freeway. But since we just moved here I don’t have anything to compare it to.

South on I-85 is just as shitty as it has always been in ATL. More traffic collisions though. NPR sounded surprised when they reported no collisions one day.

It’s starting to get hot here again so my daily bike commute is in fact getting worse.

My commute is short enough (8 minutes both ways) through the metro subway, not including the 4 minute walking distance that I don’t have to worry about the commute.

I haven’t noticed a difference on work days, but on the weekends the freeways seem much less crowded. No more Sunday Drives.

I take the train from Franklin.

I haven’t noticed fewer SUVs in the DC area, but the total number of cars seems to be higher than in recent weeks/months. Of course, once Congress goes out, it’s all wonderful again.

You know, it has. I hadn’t thought of it in these terms, but you may be onto something here. Today I drove right through Birmingham at a little after 5pm and barely had to slow down. That’s pretty unusual. And last week it wasn’t bad either, at around the same time. Before that, I almost always got stopped there.

Yes, but the Interstate river bridge falling into the river had more to do with it.

I think everyone’s just staying at home playing GTA IV.

Gas prices don’t seem to affect anything in the Seattle area. 75% of vehicles out here are soccer mom SUVs.