I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. The show was cancelled around the third quarter of last year (I think), so when it was aired on Sky One they obviously regretted to inform people that we’d be tuning in religiously to watch a man try and find his son, except he wouldn’t. Because the bloody show finished almost two thirds through.

I was in such a bad mood. I really liked Haunted, save the episode with the English rock band (“Look, just naff off will ya?”). One episode in particular, where the main character solve’s a case about a homeless man that died was just brilliant. The music in the show was just as good and was one time when I listened to a Mark Snow score and didn’t feel like he was riffing his work on X-File’s.

It’s just such a painful memory, now, when in the final episode that aired we were getting so bloody close to finding out what happened to Frank’s son. Did anyone here watch the show? Thoughts?