Have any of guys ever taken the Series 7 exam?

I seem to recall that there’s a number of you guys out here that work with financial systems so I figured that I’d throw this one out here.

I’m just about to get started in prepping for the Series 7 exam but considering how I didn’t even know about the exam until a month ago, I’m a bit unsure how to go about studying for this test properly so I was wondering if any of you guys have any advice.

Thanks :)

My advise is the Kaplan or the Dearborn Series of books and some good study time. Do you have a background in finance, econ, or public accounting to build on?

Wasn’t there a thread on exam advice from a couple years back? (I can’t seem to find it now.)

Anyhow, my advice is to try and take as many practice exams as possible.

  • Alan

I’ve taken a couple of MBA level Finance/Accounting courses back in college, but nothing too specialized…I didn’t realize that you had to certified just to work on the programs that support traders until they told me (although I guess it makes sense).

So are the Dearborn books pretty much the standard? I hated every single Kaplan book I’ve ever laid hands on(practice problems being way too easy compared to the actual test annoys me to no end) so I’m trying to stay away from that but the few Series 7 books that I have seen at the bookstores didn’t seem all that great either.

The mutual funds company at which I work will use only Dearborn materials when they are supporting an employee to pass the 6 or 65. I can only assume the same would apply to the few people we have with their 7. They (Dearborn study materials) look pretty good to me, although I’ve done nothing more than a once-over of the basics.

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