Have Tank, Will Roll: Mir Tankov [World of Tanks]

last thread was getting a bit long in the tooth, despite being started by none other than the great cliffski (salute!)

Tanks just got some fresh play on the front page as well as still being kept fresh by its devs.

Today’s patch adds a whole two and a half line of british tanks and iterates on the all-too-bloomy new graphics. Below tier 5, british tanks a re freaking hilarious. You get a gun called the pom-pom at tier two, and it sucks, but it’s called a freakin pom-pom, what more can you want out of a gun!

I assume this patch is live on EU and not in US yet? No brits here besides my lend-lease churchill

yea, and on .ru as well, shouldnt be long for you guys then. its been in testing for a week or two.

above tier 6 the british medium line really starts to shine. thread hads will rub their hands in glee at this tank name: Centurion

The above image is a well kept centurion sitting as a memorial to the valley of tears battle of 1973 in which the Israeli army kicked some utter Syrian and Jordanian ass. You’d be surprised to know that the day was carried not only by the mighty centurion, but also in no small part by the diminuitive AMX 13-75

I just unlocked the T110E5, the tier X American Heavy. Now I just need to sit down and grind out 3 million credits to buy one.

I’m trying to grind credits in anticipation of their discounts starting on November 3rd.
Is it me, or are we earning less now? I remember when my T59 could earn about 60000 a match, now I’m happy with 30000.

It’s not you. I’m pretty sure one of the patches from the past few months cut money earning for everything except tier 5 or 6 mediums. They may also have increased repair costs, I forget.

I’m also not happy about making gold ammo now buyable with ingame credits. I’m having a hard enough time covering repairs, let alone higher ammo costs.

Considering Jordan committed (reluctantly) two brigades to fight with the Syrians, mostly in combat around October 16th, and which didn’t play a significant role in the fighting, I’m not sure it was their asses being kicked in the Valley of Tears; that was mostly the Syrian 7th Infantry Division on October 6th. But still, yeah, that’s a bad ass tank there.

A British tank line? Be still, my beating heart. Surely it can’t be coincidence that today I happen to be wearing a reproduction bush jacket of the sort worn by the Seventh Armoured in North Africa.

Consider me schooled, SIR!

I have a little over 60k free xp banked so that should help me scoot up one of the british lines a ways.

Looking at the wiki, the British medium tanks are apparently confused about what they want to be: they are really slow for mediums (40kph), but have the best gun depression and elevation, same as the American Patton. But, I’m not sure how mediums that effectively move at 39kph are supposed to fulfill their role. They do have significantly more armor than their US counterparts, but we all know how little that is worth, especially now that gold ammo can be bought for credits. Probably need to play them to find out if they have any not readily apparent strengths.

But damn it, if I start playing again it will be another year before I get to other games. Must resist!

Heh, no, thank you. I’ve been “tanks-free” for over 2 months and this patch does nothing to lure me back. More tanks to grind for? No, thank you, I already had problems remembering which tank does what. Buying gold ammo for credits? No, thank you, the game was already enormously random, introducing one more random parameter (which team/player is using more gold ammo?) is going to make things only worse.

Grind, you monkeys! Grind!

Exactly, that’s what it basically comes down to - buy more premium tanks (because IIRC old ones don’t make as much credits as they used to) and grind for more credits.

Am I alone in enjoying matches for the sake of themselves? I don’t see any particular reason to progress past T5 or T6. The bigger tanks blow up just as well as the littler ones.

I hate to say I’ve come to nearly the same point as Stridergg. I loved this game, and in some ways still do, being a tread head of sorts. My clan has tried to get back into CW but for a variety of reasons it really isn’t working, and a lot of the people I liked playing with are usually not on, and the people who are on in my clan are the ones I don’t necessarily want to chat with in TeamSpeak.

But it’s really the game itself that has killed my joy. I haven’t had premium now for a while, as I let it run out. I may play a bit with the free premium days next week but I’m done putting money into the game. And without premium, given how my Tier VIII premium money makers seem to have taken a credit earning hit anyhow, I doubt I can afford to run the tanks I worked hard to get, my Tier X mediums, which I really like to play. I have very few low-mid tier tanks now, and while the gameplay itself can be enjoyable, I needed that progression thing to keep my interest. I’ll agree mid-tier matches can be very entertaining, but the sheer randomness of things, the ahistorical, well, everything about the game, and the proliferation of assclowns in the game have made it really hard for me to get motivated to stop playing Borderlands 2 or even MWO to play Tanks.

Sad, because I love tanks and tank history, but at least the game is free and I can always check back in once in a while.

The you will love this patch! :) If you don’t want to proceed past tier 6, you must have lots of credits piled up, so load up those gold shells (they are practically free for you, since you don’t need credits anyway) and have fun nuking the newbs! :)

Sadly, this is one of the reasons I am not interested in such gameplay. It’s similar to people that enjoy playing with fully upgraded T2 tanks with elite crews having all bonuses unlocked and killing regular newbs in droves. While having 10 kills in a match can be fun, it’s borderline cheating/griefing.

Sad. Most of my friends/clanmates also left the game.

I didn’t know there will be free premium days next week? I tried to look it up but couldn’t find anything on their (pretty poorly organized) website.

Gold ammo in the M18! That should be a riot. Unfortunately there are lots of T6-ish tanks I still want, so it’s troublesome saving up the money… :P

I do understand the issues with defining my endgame differently than the rest of the game’s population, but I’ll ease my conscience by claiming that it’s a fundamentally different thing to do so at T6 than at T2. It’s like my WoW days, when Arathi Basin was new: twinking at level 19 was jerkish. Twinking at level 49 was interesting.

Meh, over time I’ve grown to dislike the tier 5/6 battles, since the tanks at those tiers usually have wimpy guns and underpowered engines (there are some exceptions).

And I hate low tier battles even more, as the guns are even more wimpy and the tanks are even less capable and even more fragile. I played WoT precisely for the slower paced, more considerate and tactical combat of the higher tiers, which largely doesn’t exist in the lower tiers. I liked playing the top tier mediums (tier 9 at the time), not for the grind, but for the fun of doing so. Yes you play with the big boys, but you’re a big boy too, with all the amazing capabilities of a Patton, for example. My record says I played 465 battles in that Patton, yet it was elite after about 70, so clearly the grind wasn’t the motivation for playing.

I never understood the people who play WoT as some sort of progression game. The grind to higher tiers, and especially the stock tank experience, is one of the weakest aspects of an otherwise excellent game. WoT is at its best when played like a multiplayer match in a Mechwarrior game or a really slow-paced, tactical FPS - not as a pseudo-RPG.