Have to loan out my iPad for a couple of days - question

I have to let someone use my iPad for a couple of days, long story. Is there anything I can do to password protect my apps or hide them? Not worried about porn or tax data, just would prefer they can’t just browse through all my apps, mail, etc.


You can lock the entire device, but you can’t lock just part of it.

One thing you could do would be to do a full, manual backup to a computer, and then start erasing stuff. If you’re paranoid enough, you could force-reset it so it’s completely wiped. In either case, when you get it back, you restore from backup and you’re back where you were.

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Apps -> Do Not Allow Apps

In the restrictions section you can also block Safari and some others, but it looks like in Apple’s infinite wisdom they don’t have an option to block the Mail client. And unfortunately I don’t think you can even turn off the auto-login feature for Mail.

edit - OH MY GOD apparently after unblocking the Apps it…doesn’t remember where the icons were supposed to be. SO now I have to reorganize them all.

Do what Gus said. Back it up, then wipe it down clean. When you get it back just restore the backup.

Can’t you just remove the mail account info for the duration of the loan?

Sure, you could delete the accounts from the app.

Nah, they’ll still play your angry birds and mess up your high scores and whatnot. I would just wipe the sucker and hand it over clean.

Crap, it’s not worth the pain Just wipe it, give it to them and buy yourself the new model.

Like :-)