Have Trouble Falling Asleep Sunday Nights? You are not Alone


Sunday is for me the toughest night to fall asleep. The article doesn’t give a reason why though.

More than a third of the adults — 39 percent — pointed to Sunday as the night their brain and body just won’t easily relax enough to go to sleep. Of the 39 percent who said Sunday, 70 percent said that it takes them at least an extra half an hour to fall asleep compared to other nights.

I have no trouble falling asleep on any given day. Spending 20 years working weekends soon does away with the Sunday issue. For me I dis leek Thursdays as I used to have Fridays off every week. My problem is staying asleep, multiple wake ups every night is the norm and has been since I was a child. Not sure how much it drains me but I have also spent my liffe getting up at 6am to start work.

Me too. I always chalked it up to my tendency to snack more heavily on Sunday evening than other nights.

I’m unemployed but find it hard to fall asleep every night. I’ve been taking 10mgs of Melatonin an hour before bed time and it mostly works. And sometimes it takes a while. But it’s better than nothing at all. Research into the sleep issue shows me that light and dark have a lot to do with it. I can sleep better if I go to bed as soon as I take the Melatonin, but turn off all bright lights at that time. I can even read using my Nook if I dial the screen brightness down. Eventually I know when turning off the device and closing my eyes will lead to almost instant sleep.

It does suggest “social jet lag” might be the cause – weekends spent going to bed later & getting up earlier to catch up with friends. The phenomenon is certainly true for my wife, but 9 times out of 10, it’s because of anxiety. She intended to get more work done over the weekend and alternates between worrying about Monday’s workload and remembering yet more things she was supposed to do. Pre-emptive workweek stress might explain the article’s finding that a greater proportion of higher income folks have trouble sleeping on Sundays, relative to lower income.

My intermittent insomnia has no rhythm with days of the week. It’s due to non-regular sleep-wake cycles. My teaching schedule varies each semester, & I don’t teach summers, and I have trouble consistently sleeping & waking at the same times, even though I know it helps with getting to sleep.

I don’t sleep well in general. I wake up several times during the average night, and had a particularly bad period a few months ago where I would wake up at least once per hour (I’d see the clock at 12:something, 1:something, 2:something, etc.) during the night every night.

But Sunday night is the worst, because I dread going into work on Monday. Friday night and Saturday night are when I get the most sleep. Other nights fluctuate depending on work load and what type of work it is that I have to face in the next few days.