Have you encountered these manipulative YouTube ads?

Netiv-halev appears to be a scam

Our wonderful digital world. Making grifting even more profitable, one tear-jerking video at a time.

I am not surprised this comes out of my shithole country.

Gods I hate this place.

Israel is a shithole country?

Israel is many countries, at least, from my reading, discussions, and brief time there. There’s the old-school progressive European liberal intelligentsia Israel, that doesn’t pay much attention to religion. There’s the hard-core Zionist nationalists, who would make a deal with Himmler if it would get them control of territory and keep the Palestinians under their thumb. There’s the ultra-Orthodox, who are laboring under the misapprehension that it’s 1522, not 2022, though they may well ally with the ultra-nationalists anyhow. There’s the thoroughly globalized, neoliberal gunslinger Israel, selling high tech capabilities across a whole spectrum of commercial and military niches to the highest bidder, bar none. There is also the run of the mill trying to get by Israel, the Palestinian Israel, and probably a bunch more.

In short, it’s about what you’d expect when you get that many Jews together and try to have some sort of consensus. If we can’t even agree on how to teach about the Palestinian question or BDS movements in the synagogue, I can’t imagine how it must be in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem…

Youtube Premium is well worth the cost.

No ads, and you essentially get spotify along with it.

At the same time, if I had that, I never would have seen this ad: Forbes Batteries (1996) - YouTube

Somehow this exact ad is sometimes showing on my youtube app as an actual ad, and it’s hilarious!

Ah, YouTube