Have you ever bought glasses online?

Zenni, people. They’re great, though.

That reminds me, I need to get my prescription updated.

I put on a pair with one frame anti-glare & the other normal, did not notice any significant difference that could outweigh the fact that the anti-glare lens was slightly blurrier, and have been happy with my much cheaper lenses & the amount of time they allow me to spend in front of a computer without eye strain.

But I didn’t switch from contacts to glasses until after I had replaced my CRT with an LCD, so maybe it really was a problem at one point?

They always try to push anti-glare on me, and I assume it must be some huge margin item, because they push it so hard. I got it once and didn’t care for it (mostly because you were supposed to be all super-babying to the glasses and not clean them with Kleenex), and I’ve never noticed its absence since.

So when you get glasses from one of these places, how do you do all the bending and tweaking to make sure the frames fit well?

I find that anti-glare coating really does make a big difference in eye strain if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, especially if the surrounding lighting conditions aren’t that good. You won’t necessarily see an immediate difference, but you’ll feel better at the end of the day.

Go to Lenscrafters and say “to be honest I don’t know if I got these glasses here or not, but my son musher up the nose pads. Can you help me to get the fit right again?” and they almost always will.

I am totally crazy about eyeglasses and love buying glasses to match my suits. I came across Zenni’s website last year and found numerous fashioned eyeglasses at finest price there, couldn’t wait to order some. You know what? They look great on me!

I don’t know if I’m too late, but I’d advise against. I bought a pair last October, and I seem to be constantly cleaning my glasses — and they seem to be impossible to clean. Also, questionable/cheap quality.

That said, they are an upgrade from my previous absurdly expensive pair. And you can try five pairs of your choosing for free albeit with horrendous temporary lens.

I was quoted a price of over 800$ at my local optometrist for a pair of glasses yesterday.

Gold plated?

“High Index” thin lenses. 200$ per lens (400$ for the pair) vs. 25$ per for poly. 175$ for frames. 80$ for appointment. 125$ for anti-reflective coating.

That seems high even for high index lenses. Are they really tiny frames so that they’re using some new, super-duper high index plastic that I’ve not heard of before? I’ve been in high index forever, and they’re not that high. (Although I guess if you’re looking at things like the high-index darkening lenses that change color in the sun that type of pricing might be about normal.)

+1 for ordering glasses online. I ordered a few pairs from Zenni Optical recently, and they have worked out just fine. The price difference is hard to beat.

I ended up ordering from Zenni. Even if they’re cheap or ugly, at ~$20 a pair, I can buy 40 pairs for the price Enidigm is paying for one pair.

And actually, although they are clearly not made from super-high-quality materials or whatever, the glasses from Zenni are just fine. At the rate I damage glasses, I need something cheap and disposable.

One thing I would say to get from the Zenni glasses is the better lens options. The anti-glare really does help quite a bit.


I’m planning on getting my glasses online, but in case I can’t, what B&M retailer would QT3 pick between Sears, Target, Lenscrafters, Pearlevision, and local franchises that advertise steep discounts? I would prefer a national chain if I go the B&M route.

I got my glasses through Lenscrafters, and they did great by me.

If you must buy local, I hear Costco is a decent deal.

The only place I can recommend is Zenni Optical. Straight out of China, very cheap, and high quality.


Anyone have a recommendation for a place that will let you send in your own frames to have lenses put in? Zenni looks good, but they seem to only let you buy their frames.

I think any Lenscrafters or whatever place should let you do that - they might not be happy about it, but they’ll do it. I’ve had eye docs suggest that to me before.