Have You Ever...

We have a lot of life experience on this forum. And I’ve been having random thoughts of late about what I have and haven’t done. Or who I’ve met. Or where I’ve gone. Or what I’ve experienced.

I’ve never broken a bone.
I’ve been aboard an Aircraft Carrier, but not as sea.
I’ve never met an FBI agent.
I have met a foreign ambassador.
Etc, etc, etc.

So let’s make it a game. I will pose a question. People can answer yes or now, and if the former, write a description. The question asker gets to choose which experience wins, and the winner will be able to pose the next question. And in the situation where the game stalls, someone can inject a new question.

First Question: Have you met an FBI agent? If so, describe the encounter. And, no, the dude you went to high school with who later became an FBI agent does not count.

I have not.

I haven’t either. At least, not that I know of. Not that it would be easy, since I live in Brazil, but I’ve been to the US twice, so maybe I met someone from the FBI there? But I can’t say for sure. Probably not, I suppose.

That’s a good point. I’ll accept foreign equivalent. For this purpose, getting pulled over by the local cops/police doesn’t count. It has to be a Federal agent. That level of police in your country that, “oh damn, what is he doing here?” kind of reaction.

No. I was interviewed by a couple of agents from the department of labor once.

I’ve also never broken a bone. I was a terrible tooth-brusher as a kid and the dentist said the only reason I got away with it was my excellent teeth and, by extension, bones. In exchange, my family history is full of diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

I met an FBI agent back when you could do more extensive tours of their building. I feel like that’s not in the spirit of the question, though.

I’ll add one to the thread. I’ve never been skiing, jetskiing, parasailing, or any other water activity besides a) swimming, b) sitting in a boat.

I have! A couple of times. :)

The most boring: managing a nice restaurant in an fancy suburb of DC, meant doing plenty of background check interviews on behalf of current and former employees who were applying for government work/security clearances – or even with the Bureau itself – with FBI agents.

The coolest one is a friend I went to high school and college with who I then coincidentally worked with briefly at a nice restaurant in Chicago. She was completing her masters or her Ph.D in some super-technical criminology field, and I had to do a lengthy background check interview on her because she went into the FBI as a fairly high-importance special agent.

I’ve only (knowingly) met FBI agents once, and it was similar to what trig is describing. A former coworker I knew pretty well was going to work for Mitre and his position required a security clearance. They came and interviewed me as part of that process. The interview itself was very mundane, though I’m sure things would have gotten more interesting if my answers were anything except also very mundane. The agents were nice enough, but came across as folks just doing a job.

I’m sure I encountered a few at work in incidental sorts of ways, but never in a way where we were introduced.

A few of the folks I went to high school with, on the other hand, I’m told had much more “interesting” and likely far less polite conversations with FBI agents.

Ohhhh, fun thread idea! I’ll be curious to see what other questions come up and how everyone answers them. As for me on this one, no, I have not met an FBI agent. My brother is a cop and he probably has, but I’m not even sure about that.

I knew someone who past the testing for entrance into the FBI but they then went into a hiring freeze. So he never worked for them, so the answer is no.

I have toured an aircraft carrier that was now a floating museum. I haven’t thrown a punch in anger since the 6th grade.

I think my Father Applied to be in the FBI. He was ‘not’ rejected, rejected. I think at the time, an official rejection would have barred him from other Government work.

Got interviewed by a very old FBI agent who wore an ill fitted suit and had an accent thicker than Daniel Craig’s character in the Knives Out franchise at a Burger King once. He was doing a background check on the (at the time) wife of the guy we used to rent our condo from (he’s since divorced her and sold the unit to us directly), as she was an immigrant applying to work as a chemist for the CIA? That’s gotta be a fun gig.

Anyway, dude who owned the condo had done the entire rental process through a local tiny property management company, so apart from seeing him CC’ed on a couple of emails approving repair work, we’d never interacted at all. I wouldn’t have even known his wife’s name if we didn’t sometimes get their mail.

Anyway, obviously, I didn’t know jack or shit about this lady, but the agent nonetheless bought me a combo meal and dutifully asked his checklist of questions I couldn’t answer at all before kind of glumly moseying out of the restaurant and back to whatever low budget action movie he’d escaped from.

That’s also a no, then. I have a distant friend who works in our Federal police, but I never talked to him in an “official” manner, thankfully. So it’s a no.

A former co-worker came back around and asked if he could use our 3.5 floppy duplicator machine for some FBI stuff. I said yes but was overruled by the bosses.

Many times, actually, as one hat i used to wear at a previous job was to meet the various federal and military types who would visit the school doing backround checks on job applicants. Always the same questions, only one in 20 years who had any interest in chatting or talking about their jobs. Very no-nonsense types.

We don’t have that sort of police here in .nl. So no. Never broken a bone either, despite having trained in and competed in a pretty rowdy sort of combat sport! I have never stood on skis nor a snowboard.

Have you ever thrown a punch in anger? Did it land? How did it feel?

Yes, in fact I dated the daughter of an FBI agent when I was in high school. Which probably sounds awkward and intimidating but we got along very well. He was a huge history geek and we’d talk about all kinds of things. I probably liked him better than his daughter actually.

Can’t lay claim to any FBI stuff as that’s a bit… over the pond. However, fox.mrs interviewed for the secret service* and while she claims she didn’t get in, I have my suspicions…

* Not British.

No FBI but I did meet a Secret Service agent in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He overheard me talking in a bar and asked me where I was from. Turns out he lives in the same area in St. Louis, which is why he asked. He was there scouting for an upcoming Obama visit the next week. This was during Trump’s presidency. St. John’s is apparently quite a liberal-leaning area.

During college I took an Organized Crime class taught by a retired FBI agent. Super interesting class and he had a lot of good stories as he has been involved in some of the Milwaukee organized crime cases.

I also got interviewed by the FBI when my dad was getting his top secret clearance.

Overtaken by metabolic disease at middle age but never broken a bone either.