Have you planned to buy a PS Vita?

So it appears Vita sales in JP have again collapsed by a non-marginal amount, I would like to know if you intent to buy a PSV at launch or after the inevitable price-drop.

Launch: 324,859
Week 2: 72,479
Week 3: 42,648
Week 4: 18,361

I don’t particularly want one, but I might pick one up for review purposes.

As with the 3DS, I’ll get one when there’s a thing I want on it. Not many of the launch games are making me tingly at this point, but I haven’t been exposed to the vast majority of them that I have no idea how they’ll work (i.e. SoundShapes or however they’re spacing it). The technology itself has me kind of excited in a tertiary manner, and I figure I’ll end up with one before the year is out because SOMETHING will happen on it that I’ll want to play around with, but I don’t have an order in for a launch unit.

Hell no. My iPhone is more portable gaming than I have time for, already.

I’ll get one, but not at their initial asking price.

No. The product looks interesting, but my days of owning a dedicated handheld are over. My phone is good enough for gaming to keep me busy while I’m doing something else.

I definitely want one and was planning to get one at launch ever since they announced the price, but I’ve been subsequently turned off by the details released since (proprietary memory cards; one account per system), though I’m sure I’ll get one eventually. And it really does have the best launch lineup of any console, ever.

Wat. No.

I am a PC gamer. I don’t buy locked hardware on principle.

Show me cool games, and I will want to buy one. Talking about hardware withouth talking about killer apps is non-sense.

Oh my god, Teiman is starting to make sense to me. What does this mean?

I have it since December, their launch title sucks.

gravity rush looks cool, but everything else so far I’m somewhat disappointed.

I wish they release the HD version of Monster Hunter 3 portable on it, but nope.

so far the titles I have

Army corp of hell(pikmin + overlord game)
Dynasty Warrior Next(bigger battle field now, I get to kill pandas)
Lord of Apocalypse(I got it because it’s suppose to be similar to monster hunter, it’s not)
Ultimate marvel vs capcom(best game out of the bunch).

the whole lack of backward compatibility with the UMD games is really sad, because I feel like playing my PSP games on it but I can’t.

I really wanted to get one, as I do with all consoles that are launched. I wanted a PSP, I got a PSP, I wanted a DS, I got a DS, I wanted a Wii, I got a Wii, I wanted an iPod Touch, I got an iPod touch. Apart from the initial, “WOO! New hardware!” phase I didn’t play on them all that much, apart for the iPod which I used for the internet. So I think at this point I’ve learned not to go for it. Although I’m guessing as soon as I have spare money in my account and I’m bored sitting in a cafe somewhere I’ll go buy one. I figure a 3G iPad would be more my style. Inter-webbing/tv’ing/gaming in bed would be great, but with the Apple’s terrible support for changing between applications and having them all running at once I’ll not do that, plus I don’t want another phone bill for 3G.

So, my next computer hardware purchase is going to be a Raspberry Pi. If I don’t like it, it’s only $35 down the drain, but I figure I could have a lot of fun with it. Especially as there seems to be a fairly large community dedicated to it already.

The Rockstar fanboi I am I need one. There’s also a portable Ninja Gaiden in the pipes. I somewhat fear it could perform worse than the PSP though…

I have a first gen PSP with custom firmware so It’s hard to imagine losing out on that functionality

It’s beautiful tech but the memory card thing is really what’s stopping me. Feels like a cash grab.

I’ll likely get one in the future but not at retail price + extra for a memory card etc.

I have an ipad, and I feel like it is really excellent for gaming on the go. I honestly see no purpose to invest in another machine that will charge me 30-40 for titles when I buy titles I really enjoy for .99-2.99 . I really like the vita’s tech, but the underlying premise just doesn’t work for me anymore.

The poll is missing a “Yes, after a decent game is released for it” option. None of the launch titles grab my interest, except maybe for Super Stardust Delta–and that isn’t worth shelling out $300 to play.

Also the Vita will be the first portable device where portable versions of First Person Games will actually work.

The two analog discs and the processing power of the device are quite promising. Neither the IPad nor the 3DS can compare for obvious reasons, clumsy control addons thrown on the market notwithstanding. Devices with touch screens unacceptable for gaming purposes are an entirely different story.

No idea why former gamers suddenly start to love $2,- software crap only because it’s available on their platfrom of choice.

No idea why former gamers suddenly start to love $2,- software crap only because it’s available on their platfrom of choice.

Because it’s not all crap?

I have not been following console gaming much so forgive the question if its silly but are previous PSP games available as a download or some other medium? I could be interested if some of the big JRPG’s like Disagea series are available on it.