Have you planned to buy a PS Vita?

Well crap! I stumbled on an article on Kotaku (I think) that made the Monster Monpiece deck building gameplay sound like just my cup of biscuits. Why oh why did they need to include that rubbing crap on a game that sounds pretty fun and not have it be an option that can be turned off?

I was ready to write the game off and now I don’t know what to do. Opening packs and deck building sounds like great fun, but giving my Vita a hand job sounds pretty awful. Sheesh.

You can always try playing it together with your significant other. She/He can do the rubbing while you concentrate on the gameplay, you might end up discovering an extended game either during or after the actual game.

Extended gameplay is always good.

Try rubbing in the Konami code to see if you can cheat ahead to the extended gameplay.

On Yesasia, it’s $100 with free shipping.

I mentioned this in the Bargain thread, but if you have a PS3 y’all can pick up four free PSclassics for your Vita. Destruction Derby, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, and Warhawk.

The free Crackle app is out now too in some regions. It’s a movie/show streaming service like Hulu.

No PS3 here. But I would think the PS era games would look terrible on a screen as high res and detailed as the Vita screen.

Many still look great. I just tried playing Resident Evil and it definitely isn’t one of them, ick. I forgot how bad it looked compared to the Gamecube version.



17-BIT…why do they sound familiar?
Ah. They did Skulls of the Shogun! Insta-buy!
(I never did finish Skulls…)

Edit: gameplay looks like WarTech/Senko no Ronde. Insta-buy+!

Don’t see anyone beating the SuperUFO price yet, $87 including shipping (to Au).

Think I’m gonna bite and get a Vita. Just too much free stuff (if you consider $50/year Plus sub free) to not have one at this point. Especially considering I have a PS3 and will get a PS4 at some point so the Plus sub is just an insanely good deal.

Couple of quick questions:
Should I try and find an early version? I think I read here that the screen is better, but haven’t stumbled across that post again yet.
32Gig card good enough, or will that fill up too quick?
Persona 4 is a guaranteed buy, but what about an ARPG? Or other RPG because you can never have enough (and there seems to be tons of odd JRPGs on the store)?
FPSs (multiplayer)?
Any other ‘must haves’ for this little system that could?

Both versions have their plusses and minuses I think, but I’m more than happy with my original Vita.
I have a 16GB and I have to juggle a bit with all the fun PS+ releases, so while a 32 SHOULD be fine, it’ll likely fill up. ;)
I’ve heard Joanne D’Arc is excellent as an RPG, and I’ve been getting a good deal of traction out of Z.H.P. If you like strategic RPGs, Valkyira Chronicles 2 and Tactics Ogre are excellent, as is Final Fantasy Tactics, so I’m told.
Can’t help on FPS.
Must haves depends on what you like. For me so far what’s elevated the system for me have been Spelunky, Motorstorm R.C., Guacamelee, Sound Shapes and some others. It’s really an excellent system. :)

More than enough, unless you want to have a huge digital backlog on there. Not having the room to store them all gives us a reason to finish games. :)

Any other ‘must haves’ for this little system that could?

I recommend trying the Tearaway demo. It’s not something everyone would love, but it’s adorably all-ages friendly and shows off some of the neat things Vita games can do.

My replies in bold:

16 GB gets filled if you have a PS Plus subscription. That’s about a year’s worth of downloads.

Jeanne d’arc was my favorite PSP Go game. Well balanced, you don’t have to grind to pass the next map. Disgaea 3 is an excellent port.

32 is the biggest you can get in North America but it will still fill up quickly. It’s still overpriced.

I’m fine with the 4gb card that came bundled with the Vita I bought. It means I’m usually restricted to trying one game at a time, which means I’m more likely to finish them. I never would have gotten through to the better parts of Uncharted if I’d had a bigger memory card.

I bought it now to have the better screen. I didn’t really need a Vita but I didn’t want the nicer screen version to go away. With that said, now that I have it, I’m constantly surprised by how heavy it is, and I’ve dropped it a few times now because of that misjudgement of weight (luckily it is very sturdy, no damage so far). So maybe getting the new lighter model is a good trade off.

For action RPGs, Ys: Memories of Celceta and Soul Sacrifice (though you may want to wait for Soul Sacrifice Delta, which will include all the content of the initial release); I don’t recommend Dungeon Hunter unless you can get it for under $10. For other RPGs, Persona 4 is basically your best option for native Vita stuff, but there are some others you might be interested in; I’m not a big fan of the Atelier games, but Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru (and, soon, Atelier Rorona) are available on Vita with additional content over the PS3 versions, and there are also exclusives like Demon Gaze and Mind Zero on their way to the west. The PSP library on PSN also has quite a few excellent JRPGs in it, so it’s worth looking through there.

Final Fantasy X and X-2! Oh, and Persona 3 Portable on PSP.
I have an 8GB card, and thanks to Plus I’m shuffling games out as quickly as I get them.