Have you planned to buy a PS Vita?

Dangan Ronpa was released in the US this week. No worries about translation.

I tried deleting the game as well as resetting the Vita and formatting both the memory card (internal 1GB and 16GB card) and still have the same weird “Unable to retrieve material” in the training description box when I talk to Yamato about training.

Anybody else have this issue?

I restarted from scratch without restoring from my backup to test this out.

Wait, what? Really? Half the reason orenronen did his LP is it had been out for ages and there were no plans to localize it.

Yeah, NIS America localized the Vita port of the first game and released it in the US this week.

Mmmm, are you a PS plus subscriber? Does the. Vita have cloud saves?

Yes it does have cloud save if you are a vita user with ps plus.

Regarding my issue: I asked in the gamefaqs Toukiden forum. Someone pointed out that Yamato’s message just means that no rewards will be given after training mission completion. Hah, real embarrassed. I read “No material available” as the game being unable to find description to display. Lol.

While on the verge of sleeping late last night I bought a used Vita from Cowboom. There are tons of them up for sale at $129. You can also use DealBeMine to get $10 off for Valentine’s Day.

Had to go to the post office today to pick up Dangan Ronpa limited edition. Was surprised when they gave me two copies of it. Guess I either bought another to sell down the line or I bought one then forgot I bought it. Looking forward to playing it when my Vita comes. The sequel has been announced too!

PSN AllStars Battle Royale is a flash sale at 9.99. Buying the PS3 version gets you the Vita version for free. I can confirm it, because I’m downloading the Vita version right now.

Btw, please add my PSN account: VincentNChelsea


Atlus PSP RPGs are on sale on PSN this week…again. They’ve gone on sale at least 3 times since last summer when I got my Vita! Atlus sales aren’t as scarce as I thought…meanwhile, I don’t think I"ve ever seen Tactics Ogre go on sale. Still waiting…

This is exactly what I wanted from a modern Tempest. Flashy vectors, nicely tuned analog-stick control, nice variety of enemies.

Dragon’s Crown and Injustice are currently on sale at the PSN Store along with a bunch of other Vita games. ModNation Racers for the Vita is free for PS Plus members.

I’m having lots of fun with Toukiden. It’s almost as good as Monster Hunter.
The good:

  1. No big “farming” sub game where you are forced to harvest material from the environment. They replaced this with a shiny indicator you can see easily on the map and they are easily accessible. And it’s by no means necessary, I managed to upgrade my stuff without going out of my way to harvest materials and using a little fox to help me collect materials.

  2. The bosses are quite fun to fight. The bosses are huge with the breakable parts that are fun to destroy. Breaking them off also changes the effects of their attacks. E.g. If you find yourself having issues dealing with a spell the boss cast with his hands, break them off and “harvest” the part so that he can’t regenerate them. The follow up attacks based on his hands will be less painful, have less range etc. It’s quite awesome.

  3. Your AI teammates actually have a brain! So much so that you can be a total klutz and they can help take down the boss by themselves! Of course, if you are competent, the fight will go much faster. My fights seldom take more than 20 minutes. But if I’m “off”, my teammates will cast heal, break monster parts. Use their spells intelligently.

  4. The mimata system adds a nice layer of complexity by providing different kinds of spells you can cast. And they level up, opening up new passive skills that can augment your play style.

  5. The fights have the same fluidity as that of MH, which is a big deal for me. I tried other MH and they seem a bit off. But using knives (dual blade) and bow in Toukiden seems very natural. The timings, the responses seem spot on. Even the “roll” to evade seems very tight. Not too easy nor too hard to carry out.

  6. The story and narrative adds to the flavour of the game and provided something MH never had. Attachment to the characters including your avatar.


  1. The maps are flat and monsters don’t run away. There is no elevation and monsters stay to fight to the death. Chasing monsters was part of the fun in MH and I kind miss that.

  2. The strong AI makes the monsters less intimidating so you don’t get a “OMG I just fought my first Tigrex alone! and it took me 43 mins!” feeling. You feel that you are part of a team instead of being this lonely awesome hero killing these unkillable monsters.

  3. You can’t have romance with the sexy females in the game!

Anyway, having loads of fun with this title. I am so happy that I can play a “Monster Hunter” on the VITA using the twin sticks! No more death claw grip, no more bulky pro attachment on my 3DS!

Need to consult the Hivemind on this.

PS store discount brought these titles to my attention.

  1. Rainbow Moon (USD15)
  2. Ragnarok Odyssey (USD15)

Are they worth it?
I didn’t realise that Class of Heroes 2 cost USD24! If I had known, I would have grabbed it during the discount!

Also, Ahem. Is anyone getting Monster Monpiece?

Those both have a demo in the PSN vita store. Try em and see if you like the gameplay, not everyone would.

Ragnarok Odyssey has (in Monster Hunter terms) its “G” version coming out in March. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace has the same base game plus added content and class abilities. I am waiting for that one over the base game. It will also be a PS3 cross play title.

Thanks! I’ll try out the demos and wait for the Ace version!

It’s sad that vita has such a small install base. Such a fantastic piece of hardware. It’s kinda like nintendo’s wii u. Lol.

Yeah, the Vita really does deserve a better install base. It is easily my favorite portable I have every owned and it’s up there in my list of favorite consoles.

As for Monster Monpiece…I dunno. The game looks like it might be fun and I watch enough anime to not be too bothered by the fan-servicey art, but that masturbatory rubbing crap and that “seal” dong thing that…um…culminates…is a bit too much for me. If the game portion ends up awesome I might put up with the “rubbing”, but I kinda doubt it.

Is anyone playing Danganronpa?

I played through the first chapter and found it a little disappointing. Probably because the first murder victim is the blindingly obvious choice, and one of the first clues you find immediately reveals the culprit in a very obvious fashion - and it takes so long after that for everyone else in the story to ‘get’ it.

Also really did not like the rhythm mini-game you have to do at the end, especially since failing that means all the other evidence is ignored and I’m to blame for the killing again? Huh?!

I’ll probably take one for the team and see if the game play is compelling. The reviews about the game play is quite positive though. So there 's hope yet.

You’re getting 40 or so fewer card images for your money in the censored version though, if that bothers you.