Have you planned to buy a PS Vita?

Yea I know about that. It does not bother me much as the censored images are a bit much anyway (I check them out on the web). At no point was I even tempted to get the Japanese uncensored version.

It’s one thing to collect images of highly sexed females. But images of children is a bit too far in the yucky scale.

Sure, but seems to me they should have replaced them with something, not just removed (duplicated) them.

My guess is that children in whatever state of undress will still piss off people big time. And having a giant “censored” on the cards mess up the aesthetic of the game big time.

Looking at the choices available to them, I guess you can’t really fault them for just changing the numbers on the offending cards to indicate higher levels. Better than not having a western release at all.

Confession time: I finally voted in this poll about 3 weeks ago, when the new Borderlands bundle with the Vita Slim was announced. I didn’t know whether or not I would like a handheld gaming device, but I did know that at least I wanted to give this one a try with the reportedly much better OLED screen of the original model. So I ordered one.

I got the Walking Dead bundle for the 4g memory card.

In the last three weeks I have:

Played through Uncharted Golden Abyss,
Tried and immediately deleted Smart As…,
Gotten brain-fucked by Gravity Rush.

The latter game really needs its own thread, it doesn’t deserve to only get mentions in a giant all purpose Vita thread.

Anyway, I’m appropriately impressed by the Vita’s screen, it really is beautiful. More than that though, I’m impressed with the quality of the dual analog sticks, which make aiming easier than with the Dualshocks 1,2,3. And I’m also impressed with the vita interface and features. Being able to pause anything (even in the middle of a loading screen) instantly at the touch of a button is a feature all consoles need to have. It’s amazing.

I hope more people pick this up like I did because of the tempting prospect of owning free games for it already because of PS+ membership. It really is a genius move, and I hope it works for Sony because this is a device that deserves success.

Welcome to the club Rock8man. :)

The pause feature is even better. You can leave the system unplugged on standby for over a week and carry on where you left off. Fantastic for all the games (especially jRPGs) that don’t let you save & continue from anywhere.

One of us… one of us…

As someone who also picked up a Vita on a whim, I have to say that’s become a part of gaming collection that I really enjoy. It’s two years old and still feels slick and just… “nice” when I use it. It has a lot of great new content, and a lot of legacy content (all the Final Fantasy games, etc). I don’t really proselytize to my friends, because most people are like “Vita? Like the hair products?” but every once in awhile, someone at work will see me playing and get blown away by it.

Even better is that I’ve gotten almost 100% digital for it, which makes it a joy to take with me.

I just wish 64GB Vita memory cards wouldn’t $115.99US/128.34CAD:


I just bought one a few days back from SuperUFO and it was $85 US.

That’s about the going rate for Amazon sellers as well.

Still, would LOVE to have more room for stuff than my current 16gb.

I’m pretty happy with my 4gb card. It forces me to play through one game or to eliminate it before moving onto the next. I never would have finished Uncharted if I could fit other games on the same card. But since it was my only choice, I pushed through despite its flaws and got to see the much better (but also buggier) second half of the game.

Same with Gravity Rush right now. It’s such a great concept but their execution is so frustratingly Japanese sometimes that I have to walk away from the game a lot. But with a 4gb card, i have no choice but to come back and I’m glad I do because they do keep unlocking new abilities that make the game less frustrating later.

Well crap! I stumbled on an article on Kotaku (I think) that made the Monster Monpiece deck building gameplay sound like just my cup of biscuits. Why oh why did they need to include that rubbing crap on a game that sounds pretty fun and not have it be an option that can be turned off?

I was ready to write the game off and now I don’t know what to do. Opening packs and deck building sounds like great fun, but giving my Vita a hand job sounds pretty awful. Sheesh.

You can always try playing it together with your significant other. She/He can do the rubbing while you concentrate on the gameplay, you might end up discovering an extended game either during or after the actual game.

Extended gameplay is always good.

Try rubbing in the Konami code to see if you can cheat ahead to the extended gameplay.

On Yesasia, it’s $100 with free shipping.

I mentioned this in the Bargain thread, but if you have a PS3 y’all can pick up four free PSclassics for your Vita. Destruction Derby, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, and Warhawk.

The free Crackle app is out now too in some regions. It’s a movie/show streaming service like Hulu.

No PS3 here. But I would think the PS era games would look terrible on a screen as high res and detailed as the Vita screen.

Many still look great. I just tried playing Resident Evil and it definitely isn’t one of them, ick. I forgot how bad it looked compared to the Gamecube version.



17-BIT…why do they sound familiar?
Ah. They did Skulls of the Shogun! Insta-buy!
(I never did finish Skulls…)

Edit: gameplay looks like WarTech/Senko no Ronde. Insta-buy+!