Have you read the Raptorman journal yet? Zombies take over

Forgive me if someone else has linked to it but I’ve been engrossed reading this. Its a (fictional, obviously - or is it? :wink: ) journal of a man in the middle of a worldwide zombie epidemic. All I can say is that its very, very good. If you like horror, and especially zombies, you should check it out.


Good read. The Survivors section isn’t very interesting, but I think those are “fan submissions”, not written by Raptorman.

Yeah I think you’re right. Early on in January he talks about the submissions. But the journal is where the real fun is. I just finished Feb and can’t wait to see what happens next.

This is a pretty good. I wonder if the book has found its way to B&N or Borders.

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This has mentioned here before, but at some point they need to tell the story of what goes on in the big cities and the suburbs during a zombie invasion, which only gets mentioned in passing in most zombie stories. How the police and eventually the military respond to the threat. What happens to the president and other high level officials, and how they’re eventually overwhelmed by the zombies (the president especially always seems to get eaten in these stories, he must be the equivalent of zombie filet mignon).

But anyway, this was still very good.

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