Have you seen 4000 missing Microsoft space bucks on Xbox Live?

Title Have you seen 4000 missing Microsoft space bucks on Xbox Live?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 3, 2011

Since I've been hitting my internet connection hard and heavy with some serious Battlefield 3, I didn't think anything of another connection problem when I tried to log in to Xbox Live. I got some odd message about my profile being locked and needing to recover it..

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Congratulations on winning the XBOX Lottery.

"Who wants to be hacked!"™

At least the hackers are moving on to other games now; it was all FIFA 12 all the time for a while there.

If you haven't already browsed it you might want to compare your experience to those of us here: http://www.quartertothree.com/...

Yeah, this is happening basically to everyone. Welcome to the club!

Good thing I spent all my points - I just discovered Fruit Ninja, yoww!

Microsoft's official line is it's all your fault.

Did they play FIFA on your account?

Welcome to Last Tuesday, Tom. ;(

I hope this doesn't effect your ability to review/preview games because your account may be locked and I'm not sure what that can do!

Why should you have the 4000 points, when the other 99% don't have those points, Tom?

It won't make anything better but the Nightwing DLC feels tacked on. The character is only available in challenges and doesn't even have a voice actor.

I'm writing this as an AC crack addict who's already spent way too much time on the game, is trying to get all the achievements and will still buy the Robin DLC.

But damn, I wish they somehow made new quests / trophies that used all 4 characters. Or integrated the 3 additional characters as well as Catwoman is in the campaign.

I'd also pay for that guy to stop saying he's so cold he'd drink his pee.

Yeah, it does seem to be going around. Good luck getting your points back.

I warned you! After my account was down for over two months, I lost all my friends, and my money and points still haven’t been credited back, another two months after the resolution. Oh, but they did give me a code for a free month of Xbox Live…but then my Gold subscription ended when the free month expired, even though I renewed for a year in September! So much fun! No wonder I haven’t played XBLA in forever; it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.