Having someone committed

With all the legal stuff in here of late, I’ve got a question. How do you go about having someone committed? A friend is having horrible mood swings, with violence threatened at points of complete depression. Other day’s he’s hyper actively lucid. He will not take his meds, and he won’t listen to anyone. He’s threatend suicide in a half-assed way, so we’re not concerned about that, but we are concerned that he is growing worse and needs to chill somewhere with rubber walls and a doctor on staff.

What’s the deal here? Do they still send out the crazy car with a big net? Or do you have to go through the police?

I’m pretty sure the only way is to frame him for murder.

Yikes! Does he live with you or you just know him? IOf during one of these stints you report this to police, then they’ll take him in for a pychiatric review. If he’s suicidal they won’t release him until they think he’s not a threat due to liability.

A friend of mine got committed during college, for really no good reason. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend, and was down in one of the gorges having some beers, shouting angrily, and generally just working it out in a fairly non-self-destructive way.

His ex (a total bitch) calls the police on him, telling them that she thinks he’s going to jump into the gorge from one of the bridges. The police find him down in the gorge, take him into custody, and commit him to the county hospital. In the report they gave to the hospital the police apparently claimed that they picked him up while he was up on the bridge about to jump. My friend spends the next 24 hours telling the hospital staff that he wasn’t going to commit suicide, he’s not depressed, and can he please go home and get drunk with his friends? They say that’s exactly what he would say if he WERE depressed and suicidal.

Anyway, he gets out, files a restraining order against his ex, and we all buy him a beer. So I guess the moral of the story is call the police on whoever it is and tell them they’re suicidal.

In most states you need to be a family member who has regular contact. Just going by what you said, I would say being committed is a bit premature. There are no guarentees when it comes to the human psyche, but it doesn’t sound like he’s in immediate danger to himself or others. I don’t know what a “half-assed” suicide threat is, but I would give him a serious sitting down and talking to. Let him know your concern is out of love and not judgement. Best of luck!

I wish I could get committed. Or at least some good prescription meds.

Just take Ambien.

What kind of past does your friend have? Is he bipolar or has some nasty shit happened to him recently? Is he in therapy?

My best friend’s brother was committed and one of my friends was, long ago. In both cases, the family called their doctor/psych and spoke with them. The doctors told them how to proceed.

With my friend’s brother, he was committed for 72 hours. They talked to him and he went willingly after they let him know that he’d have an escort otherwise. For him to stay longer, he would’ve had to sign himself in, or if he got out after 72 hours and either the doctors or family thought he needed to be there longer, they would’ve had to go to court.

If he’s on meds, he’s probably got a regular doctor, so best to go that route.

I had a roommate that got committed. His friend called him in for suicidal talk. He was gone for about a month and a half… The weird thing is he was totally normal aside from sticking safety pins through his arms for goth night at the local pub and writing stuff on his mirrors in blood.

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My mother was bi-polar/schizophrenic/etc. and was commited a couple of times when I was growing up. She always held it against my dad and never forgave him, even though she realised it was for the best with us kids around. What can I say - she’s crazy.
If you really think it’s best for him, and that he just won’t listen to you and doesn’t care that he’s hurting you or himself, you should do it if you can. He might hate you for it, and might not be your friend anymore, but sometimes you have to do shit like that if you care about somebody. If you do go ahead with it, it is probably a good idea to visit as often as you possibly can (once a day, at least), even if you get nothing but grief for it. The worst thing that could happen is to make him think you’re doing it to get him out of your hair as opposed to doing it because you want him to get better.

What the… where did that come from!?

Lets get Roger committed.

This is a cry for help. Someone track Roger down…or just send his post to the local asylum.

He got confused, typing a message meant for a thread in comics into here. Let’s just give him medication for now to see if he gets better.

Yeah, that sounds totally normal.

The lady down the street from my house was bipolar. The day her husband came home to find out she bought a sailboat while he was at work was awesome.

Trust me, the meds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The side effects of most of them are, in some ways, worse than the emotional problems.

I was thinking of something nice like Vicodin. My actual experience with mood-altering drugs (the legal kind) is severely limited.

But I have this nice floor-to-ceiling window here at my cube (it’s not a single sheet of glass; it’s in panes, but still) and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of smashing it and jumping out. I never would, mind you, one of the reasons for which being that I’m only on the fourth floor. But it would be nice to not feel this way all the time.