HAWKEN - Multiplayer Mech FPS

I just saw the trailer for this on RPS. I have no idea when it’s coming out but I love the look and feel of this game based on this:


Apparently this is being made by Adhesive games - a company with 9 employees total.

EDIT: Here’s the RPS story

Also: 1,000th post!

Done with UDK!

And seriously impressive work. Those environments are really well done…

Wish it was a little slower paced. I like my mech games to be a bit clunkier in movement.

Yup - looks great but the pacing is waaaaay to quick for my liking for a mech game. =(

It looks pretty.

Wow, that’s impressive. Cool city.

Those cobbled together buildings would totally not support the weight of those Mechs. :) I also don’t like the pace but it looks impressive.

Looks like the combat needs more work, but god I LOVE the look! Reminds me of that HL2 mod NEO-Tokyo which also had a great Ghost In The Shell / Masamune Shirow flair.

Watching it again. God the Ghost in the Shell look of the city is bang on. I love it. Love it!

Okay boys, now work on the Mech combat!

The worlds needs a good Mech game right now. But frankly, you could stick a generic shooter into that city you have built, and it would be a day one purchase for me I think…

Agree nice look, but i don’t like the combat, particularly the jump jet implementation, the physics seem awful. Cool that it was made with UDK, I really like that all these engines are out there and available for free.

I think I have seen that visuals before as pure Artwork. Maybe the same artist?

Is the visuals you normally get for cool science-fiction books. Something you expect to see linked in io9.com

If this works, … can we get a simmilar game about Ghost in the Shell? with similar fidelity to artwork. The internet f****g love the Tachikomas :D

that split-second of the in-cockpit view at the very end is stunning.

Loved the look of that city. Wish it had been the setting for Crackdown 2.

The style reminded me a bit of Borderlands.

That looks stunning, I love the style. I hope they go with a standard FPS interface, instead of the usual clunky one of rotating upper body separately from the lower.

Very nice video, was it in game?

At the least, the giant mechs should move slower than the rockets flying towards them.

Nice cityscape but not up to par in this age to have a billion rockets flying around with none of the terrain blowing up.

Even though I’m not a big fan of multiplayer games, I love, love, love mechs, so I’m all over this one.

Yes. 12345