HBO Sports Doc: Tiger

Has anyone else seen this documentary about Tiger Woods? It’s not perfect, but I really enjoyed most of it. The footage they have of Tiger’s father talking about Tiger is obviously very compelling, and so I don’t blame them for repeating it a few times through the documentary. It’s pretty interesting to kind of examine his life in a linear fashion from childhood to adulthood, and all the various factors along the way.

The interviews with his first girlfriend are fascinating. As are the interviews in the second half with his main mistress, who in the intervening years seems to have gotten enough plastic surgeries to now look like a transvestite.

The core of the documentary is definitely Tiger and his father. And they explore that in such detail in the first half that when all of Tiger’s failings and fallout comes out in the second half, you draw a direct line that they want you to draw with his dad.

Good stuff. Recommended.

Does it cover his bizarre Navy SEAL obsession?

It does indeed!

Not sure I want to watch this… we had a good thing going and I still haven’t forgiven him.

I think you might after this documentary. Maybe not forgiveness, but at least understanding.