HBO's Carnival? and any thoughts

Just watched the first two episodes. Just wondering on thoughts about the series and more importantly, what do YOU think is going on?

Father Justin: Good or Evil? Same with Ben (Not Sones, we know HE is evil).

The Carnival/Mgmt?

And anything else…

Judging from the father having all black eyes in one flashback (or flashforward, etc.) sequence makes me think he’s the evil one - he’s consistently forcing people to do God’s will because of their sin, something that doesn’t seem very God-like to me.

It would be interesting if they spun it with the Priest as the good one and Ben as evil, but I don’t think that’s how it’ll go.

It’s an interesting show at the least. I really like the intro.

— Alan

Make room for the dwarf.

I’m a sucker for these kinds of shows (I’m sure we all are), so I’ve been watching it. It’s not bad, so far. You gotta dig a show that uses the Kurgan as its bad(?) guy. I wonder at his badness, since there’s that tattooed dude ambling through storm-ridden cornfields OF THE SOULLLLL or whatever that flashback is.

Some random comments:

I’ve never found the female lead very attractive, ever since The Faculty. Maybe that helps; nobody is supposed to be all that attractive, being all circus freaks and all. The more slender burlesque girl is prettier.

I love how all the carnie girls swoon over Nick Stahl’s buck-oh-five ass. Sharp shoulder blades and visible ribs are HAWT.

Am I bananas or is Stahl attracted to the one older lady? The one who showed him the pic of his dad that he saw naked in the shower?


Just marking time til the Sopranos…

It’s Carnivale, which is an important distinction, since it is carnivalesque, and not like a circus. I thought the show was hard to figure out, but I don’t mean that in a bad way necessarily. I can’t really tell if it will be good or if it will fall into self-indulgence and cliches. It could go either way. However, I thought the sort of empathic healing of the little girl (and by empathic, I am just referring to the way it sucked the life out of everything around her) was really interesting. I wonder if that’s how the farm became a dust field? Maybe curing his cat and whatever else he healed, turned the farm that way. He seems to have that taint of evil, which makes him very dangerous. Who knows who is good and who is evil in that show?

The older lady is Adrienne Barbeau… still has pretty nice breasts for her age.

Yikes she’s almost 60.

Didn’t know she was the voice of Selina in the Batman animated series.

— Alan

I wondered that myself, about the farm; it would sure explain further why his mother cursed him so. He brings his cat back to life, and then suddenly the crops start dying. Giving that girl semi-servicable legs nuked a whole hedge, I imagine bringing anything back from the dead would do some damage.

That’s one of the things I love about this show: who the hell knows who is evil, who is good, even WTF is going on, for the most part. Sure, it flirts with contrivance and self-destructive convolution and vaguery, but fuck it, it beats most everything else on TV right now.

Twin Peaks + Grapes of Wrath = Carnivale

Although w/o David Lynch it might actually make some sense.

That said, I’m still watching.

I’ll probably give it a try in reruns. Wasn’t interested in 6 Feet Under but The
Wire was excellent.

It’s worth a look. It’s quite different, and produced well. Better than that stupid Miracles show that was mercifully cancelled.

The first season of SFU was really, really good. It has declined since then. I enjoy it because I work as an organ transplant coordinator IRL, so kicking it with the dead is my stock in trade.


You know, I thought the first episode of Miracles was really promising. I even recommended the show to other people. Man, it went to hell fast! Who knows if anyone will listen to my recommendations again…who knows if I even will!

I kept thinking that Clancy Brown has had quite a career. Kurgan, Lex Luthor, Mr. Krabs and now this.