HD data recovery questions

Anyone know of a good place that does data recovery? I’ve had a drive go boom (heat issue or something) recently and I only managed to get about 2gb of stuff off before I got IO errors (installed xp on a new drive then tried to grab data). Now I’m lucky to get windows to start up in under 2minutes with the drive hooked up. Stupidly I didnt get my docs folder or emails first, so I’m thinking it might be worth it to try.

You are slaving the drive to a working computer and not actually trying to boot off it, right?

HDD Regenerator has had a higher success ratio for me lately than Spinrite. Best $60 I ever spent, but then, I use it at least once a month.

Yeah, tried it in the “slave” sata connector (asus p5b mobo) and will probably try it in a primary slot but still booting off of a new xp install on a different drive. Its coming up as “bad” on the smart status and if warm enough it doesn’t even get detected. This has been a long running issue and I’ve been stupid not to back up the drive but it wasn’t until early this week that it actually totally crapped out and brought back enough errors to say its dying/in trouble. The drive paritions show up in windows but I get I/O errors tying to go beyond the main directories.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to send it away to a place to get the data back if possible. Thanks for the info though, I’d forgotten about spinrite.