Hd dvd ftw?

Or will everyone lose?

Are next-gen movies even being published at this point?

I’m not surprised you missed it as it was buried in another thread, but there was already some discussion of this article here:


Uh yeah, and they have been for a while. You can pick up Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies in pretty much any Best Buy, Target etc…

Ah, thanks for the heads-up, Gary. HD discussions are kind of like Microsoft buying Lionhead around here…

Be interesting to see how it plays out. I only bought into HD since I could get a player for under $200. I have to wonder if it won’t be the first to release a $99 player that will win the war.

Given that HP now offers HD DVD as a $100 option on its high-end PCs, that $100 HD player might not be TOO far away, once there are some ICs available so that you don’t need to hide a Linux computer or game console inside the case to decode the video.

If I never see or hear the term “HD” again, I’ll be happy!

It’ll go away once grandma’s $200 Target TV is HD. Just like “hi-res graphics” and “multimedia computer.”

Yeah, but won’t there be a new gen of even higher definition after that?

I’m trademarking “Mega Ultra Hi-Def” or MUHD. “Gotta get MUHD!”

In other news, aging female actresses everyone upped their Xanax dosages and invested their money in mutual funds.

That has to be by far the most ludicrous format I’ve ever heard of.

6 GB per minute compressed?

On the bright side, we’ll have effectively digitized 35mm film without losing resolution.

Did you know that FTW is WTF backwards?


I love reading about stuff like UHDV, because it just sounds so utterly insane and yet, in 20 years we’re going to be watching it.

And then we’ll have the amazing technology necessary to DO WHAT A 35MM FILM PROJECTOR ALREADY DOES.

Won’t that be something.

Yeah… without scratches… without film losing coloration… without film archives aging and fading, cracking and becoming unviewable.

4x or 6x Blu Ray market penetration is great and all that, but just what type of market saturation does that represent? I don’t know anyone in real life that owns a player for either format.

Resolution: 7,680 × 4,320 pixels (16:9) (approximately 33 megapixels)

holy shit

The next generation of HD will actually look better than real life.

Bah, screens are FTL. 20 years from now will be the age of the holodeck.