HD racks?

For complex reasons, I need to move at least one of my two internal hard drives from a 3.5" bay to a 5.25" bay, so I went to newegg to see what mounting kits were available. I was expecting a simple pair of metal rails that would screw the sides of the drive to the sides of the bay — but instead all I found were these “mobile racks,” ugly boxes with fans and key locks that let you slide a tray out the front of your PC.

Is there some simpler device for mounting a 3.5" drive in a 5.35" bay? I don’t really need “swappability,” and I don’t see why I’d need a fan in a big bay when I didn’t need one in a little bay. I already have plenty of fans in my case, and I don’t overlock or anything like that.

If these things are the only or best way to go, what do I need to look for in selecting one? Newegg’s cheapest one a Kingwin; is there something inadequate about it? I’m kind of baffled by this product category.


Directron has the bracket kits for $0.99.

Awesome. Thanks, D!

Ninety-nine cents, including lifetime warranty!

Edit: dammit, slow on the reply.

PS. They make great stocking stuffers!

You might consider looking for a mounting kit that suspends the drive
with rubberbands. It could reduce noise somewhat. More costly than the
99-cent option mentioned above, though ;)