HD TV: Glitches,and Lockups

I’ve had HD for about 1 1/2 years now,first thru Adelphia,and now Comcast has taken over.

The amount of glitches(stuttering sound,pixelating),and lockups(both frozen picture and a gray screen) seems to have increased exponentially the past 4 months.

Rebooting the converter box seems to correct the problem, but if I’m taping something I risk a hour long view of a frozen screen. Happened last two weeks taping Lost.:(

I had a service call,and the guy said my signal tested “very strong”,and blamed it on the TV stations not having all the bugs out of HD yet.

Is he right? Or is there something else going on???


Which box do you have?

Scientific Atlanta Explorer

3250 HD

That thing was a notorious piece of shit for me. I have Cox Digital/HD. Once I upgraded to a full HD DVR unit (can’t remember the model now, but you’d probably get the same thing) my problems pretty much disappeared.

My 3250 used to do this weird thing where it would shift the picture about half a centimeter up or down every couple minutes if you left it on for any length of time longer than a couple hours. I can leave my DVR box on for a month and the thing is fine. In fact, I haven’t turned it off since I got it.