HD webcam/USB camera recommendations?

None of the older threads seemed to have any information on what I’m looking for. I have an office with a door, which is nice, but it doesn’t have a window. I’m therefore trying to make an artificial window, with a pair of Raspberry Pis, a wall-mounted TV, and a camera.

The camera has, thus far, been the hardest part to decide on. There are a few 1080p USB cameras of which I’m aware: a LifeCam from Microsoft, but I hear that doesn’t actually do 1080p without special support that is probably unavailable in Linux, and a bunch of Logitech’s models, which are uniformly incapable of focusing to infinity (and since I’m going to be pointing this out of a real window, a focus distance of at least a hundred yards or so is kind of important).

So that’s my request: a 1080p camera capable of streaming full-resolution if probably-compressed video over USB to a Linux computer. Does such a thing exist, or am I going to have to compromise?

To do video at 1080p, you need around 4-5 Mbps, even compressed, which with a USB connection probably isn’t realistic. You need something like firewire, which will give you the pipe you need.

The Logitech C.910 and C.920, plus older models like the 525 and 615, all can do 1080p@30fps over USB 2.0 (the newer ones do h.264 compression on the camera, which is neat), but all of those have problems focusing at long ranges. I’m leaning toward the Microsoft option at the moment.

As that implies, I’m most willing to compromise on resolution; 720p on a TV across my office is acceptable, but image quality and ability to focus at a distance are key.