HDR PC monitors


Assuming reviews live up to the hype the ASUS 27" will be my next monitor after years of fence sitting…


Hoo boy. Yep, this is the bomb…!


I saw some of these products shown off at guru3d last week, and man, do they sound expensive. I bet we’re looking at $700 minimum. I wonder if they’ll (they being any of the monitor manufacturers, not Nvidia necessarily) make any decent non-Gsync monitors to keep the price down a bit.


Asus 27" g-syncs were already above 700…for a 1440. Very happy with my predator, though.


Oh yeah, I looked into those originally and really pined for one. I bet these suckers are in the four digits. Well, that’s okay, by the time I’m in the market for a new primary gaming display, these things will be a bit more common/affordable.


Yeah, got my hopes up for the Freesync 2 spec mentioned in that story eventually producing something A) I can afford, and B) compatible with my 290x. . .


I’ve seen rumors of $2k. That’s too rich for me. $1200 might be too much. $999 and under and it will be mine, oh yes it will be mine!


4K isn’t the holy grail of monitors. It’s too hard to drive. Well, for games anyway. I guess that’s a general purpose publication.

And what’s the panel tech?


Not OLED, it’s shit.

Wait: quantum dot. Isn’t that Samsung’s OLED equivalent?