HDR TV Recomendation


I use HDR on my 65" KS8000 and I don’t adjust the backlight levels. But different people have different standards. :) I’m not AVS/Digital Foundry-level anal about what looks good…


Good point. Thankfully, neither am I. Thanks for the info!


I’ve been dicking around with it tonight and although the picture does look better with backlight at maximum, it’s not to the point that I’d bother doing it unless I really wanted to settle in for movie night or something. The HDR content I’ve watched before tonight has all looked pretty snazzy out of the box.

Disclaimer: my TV prior to this was a cheap piece of shit and therefore anything would probably look pretty snazzy. Also I won’t be gaming on this TV to any real degree and so have no experience as regards HDR in games (My wife wouldn’t allow me to disrupt her reality TV shows for that length of time!)


Any recommendation for a TV around $1,000? I’m looking in the 55-65 inch range. Seems like non-HDR but decent name brand models from LG, Viziio, etc in this price range.



Best Buy has the LG 65" LED Ultra HD TV on sale for $899 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-65-class-64-5-diag--led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv-gray-black/5622526.p?skuId=5622526

I believe this is the 2016 model but its well reviewed.

ps: This is anecdotal but my bro just bought a TV in January and was advised from several sources that the recent Visio runs have all had many quality issues and recommended avoiding them.


@Scott_Lufkin, did you decide to hold off on the TV? Or did you pick one up?


I did - I ended up going with the 49" Samsung KS8000 and it was a massively good investment. I watch all sorts of shit on this now, even pulling up a second chair and now the boy and I watch TV on this thing. I played Last of Us, FFXV, and Horizon ZD on this thing and it’s just a mind blowing experience. I couldn’t be happier.


Cool, glad you found something you’re happy with! And yeah, I’m enjoying Horizon and Forza Horizon 3 in HDR on my KS8000. Color’s great!


No backlight irregularities? Last time I looked at Samsung sets, every one was noticeably darker in the upper left and right corners.


Not sure when you last looked at them, but the TV I have (which admittedly is a 2016 model) is totally uniform. And that’s the kind of thing that would drive me fucking crazy. Maybe I got lucky, not sure, but I did extensive research on this particular TV given the price and that particular complaint never came up in my reading, fwiw.


Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with my Samsung KS8000 (picture is great, but coming from a Plasma I miss my blacks and off-angle viewing, and the support for external audio sucks), but I haven’t noticed any backlight uniformity issues.


My new beast has arrived.

940e by Sam Posten III, on Flickr

Sony 940E, 75" HDR10 today, DV HDR soon. FALD.

I really wanted to go OLED this year but the prices for anything above 65" are still ridiculous.

Looks pretty good right out the box. Will calibrate this weekend. Planet Earth 2 in HDR is fantastico.

940E Planet Earth by Sam Posten III, on Flickr


Your going to love that set - everything looks so freaking amazing on mine, and it’s like half the size of the one you got. I often wish I’d gotten the 65" version so I could replace the main TV in the family room with it.

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@Kadath and I have the exact same folding chair, haha. Cool.


Costco everything Scott :)

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I’m looking at the Sony X900E in 65, or the Samsung MU8000. Any comments or other suggestions? My only hesitation would be on viewing angle, so how ‘bad’ is the real-world home viewing angle of the newer VA panels? I don’t really have the budget to go with an OLED (prices are notably higher in Canada).


I’ve been looking at the X930E and the X900E recently.

Rtings.com has the X900E rated more highly than the MU8000 in almost every way. It seems like there was a step down in quality in the 8000 series from last year to this year.