HDTV / DLP Projection gaming?

Anyone using a DLP Projection TV for gaming?

Read the following in a review of a Samsung DLP set on Amazon.com. Could this really be true? First I’ve heard of such an issue.


Well, lessee, we’ve played Jet Set Radio, Amped, Mech Assault, Halo (PC, curiously enough)… no problems that I could see.

One issue with this guy may just be screen size. You can easily see the entire screen on a small TV. It’s the same reason hard core RTS gamers will prefer a 17-inch tube to a larger display – it’s easier to absorb the whole thing.

I used to game on an Infocus X1 and am getting ready to purchase an X2. Never had any problems at all. My guess is there’s some sort of magic post-processing going on that he hasn’t figured out how to disable.