HDTV + nvidia new drivers = broke scaling

HDTV scaling broken again on new nvidia july 21 WHQL drivers. Fuck nvidia.

Update: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=102572

damn, that buzbee knows his stuff.

bah scaling options still not available to me.

Ironic. I wanted to switch HoI 3 scaling from my LCD’s verison to using NVidia’s built in scalar, and it’s all greyed out. I’ver tried EVERYTHING and can’t find a way to activate it. My monitor does a poor job with scaling (too fuzzy).

What is greyed out?

The option to use anything other than monitor scaling is grayed out for users of HDTVs when they connect to an nVidia card. With ATI, it lets you choose.

Yeah, but I was replying to Jeff who was talking about a “monitor” rather than an HDTV.

Drastic $599 fix but the Aquos gaming HDTV LCD LC-32GP3U LCD’s “dot for dot” mode on the remote maintains aspect ratio even with the updated drivers where the Panasonic 32LZ800 would not! Yay.

Also, while colours are richer on the Panasonic Viera, the Sharp handles coloured text on black backgrounds MUCH better without built-in edge enhancement/blurring you can’t turn off that is present on the Panny.

Somewhat “fixed.”