He came from the Soybean star

I’ve got to admit that after seeing this, I’ll never withhold soy sauce from my cat again.


Wow. That was moving.

And who says the Japanese are inscrutable?


Whosa jigga wha…?

Ha ha – what I don’t get is how it’s all in japanese except for “Show me” and “Show you”? Is that some english catch phrase they use in Japan, like how we use “ciao” here?

I couldn’t help but think of Ultra-Man. “Should Kikoman’s bottle of soy sauce not be refilled, he will never rise again!”

That poor kitty!

Hey, that cat deserved it.

Okay. That. Was. Totally. Fucked. Up.

If this is what happens when we spend tons of money and time rebuilding a country after destroying it during war, Afghanistan is better off without the U.S.'s help.

I think that brained my damage…

Is that an official advertisement from them? Or did someone just have fun with Flash on his most recent acid trip?

No offense to the Japanese, but if I’m watching an advertisment for a food product, I do not want the spokesperson to be wearing a loin cloth and only a loin cloth.

“Martha, there’s another one of those curly hairs in the soy sauce again.”

I’m thinking “Ninja Gay-den”. The only evidence against this of course is the Gay-den and female in bed scene, but I’m not convinced.

The part where he stands atop a (religious) phallic symbol, loincloth a’flutter, only reinforces Voltaic’s suspicion.

Why does every Japanese commercial I see look like a parody of a Japanese commercial?

“Mr. Sparkle hates dirt!”

Why did he have a fish head?

Everyone knows the best soy sause is from Yamasa.

The pun in the song is that shoyu (Show You) is the Japanese word for soy sauce.

-Roger (the hawaiian, japanese, chinese, turkish guy)

So that’s where shoyu chicken gets its name!

You don’t have to pay to take him out to see a movie. Eat them up, yum!

The fish head is a single-serving soy sauce dispenser looks like. The nose is the cap.

Oh yea, and the girl he beds is a cartoon mascot for some other kind of sauce.

I get the impression that the whole thing is an inside joke not meant for me. :?

  • Alan