Head to Head to Head: PS3 vs XBox vs Wii

Has anyone read any decent triple head comparisons with the author’s predictions regarding which of the 3 consoles will dominate the market this Christmas?

I have found only 2 articles and they are fairly sad:

The embarrasinly piss-poor GDBiz:


where the authors are totally non-committal

and the PC Games article:

which is more of a sentence than an actual article.

Better even still…why don’t I ask the Q23 community: which of the 3 consoles will dominate this Christmas?

PS3 will probably get the most hype, but will be sold out everywhere because demand, even at the ridiculous pricepoint, will vastly exceed supply. Xbox 360 should sell in the greatest quantity, and they’ll likely get many sales from people whose first choice was a PS3 but couldn’t find one anywhere.

I think the Wii is a non-factor. It will likely be the “second console” for many people who want to play with the nifty controller and some of the excellent first-party Nintendo games. I really don’t see the Wii doing significantly better than the GC did.

  1. Supported Xbox from the beginning, and I won’t stop.

But then again, I supported Sega, and then Nintendo. So, for my second runner up, I’m throwing down a Wii vote (Not in actual Poll).

I think the Wii will do significantly better than the GC. First, it doesn’t look like a gay purple cube, and second, it’s actually innovative in a way that the GC never was.

wow… surprising stats…

the Wii holds it at 60% … I figured the PS3 would be the leading contender in this poll rather than being dead last.

You can’t dominate with only 300k consoles.
I wasn’t sure whether the X360 or the Wii would dominate, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring of the new console beating out the year-old one.

I’m most interested in the Wii, and being sort of a Nintendo fan, I’m sure I’ll get one soonish. My only problem with it is that, yes, the new controller is innovative but it’s kind of stupidly innovative. Yeah, it’s cool that I can swing the controller around and pretend it’s a light saber or whatever, but the novelty on that is gonna wear off in about 3 days and then I’m just going to want the regular controller again.

Dunno, guess we’ll see how it works out. I really want reviews from about 3-6 weeks in and seeing how people feel about it then.

Like Qmanol said, Sony pretty much took the PS3 out of the running by shipping such a small number of consoles. Beyond that, I think a lot of us just like supporting the underdog.

I believe the XBox 360 will “dominate” this Christmas because it has a decent lineup of games on the shelves, is on second gen games, and has availability and name recognition with the non-hardcore (by this I mean people who buy the XBox to play Madden, but otherwise aren’t really gamers). I also believe the Wii will sell more console units in raw numbers.

I’m not surprised at all. Unlike the PS3 the Wii is a reasonable price and will actually be available to buy in stores. You can’t dominate the season if you can’t ship units.

Nintendo is still seen as the kiddy system. Queer purple lunchboxes are still seared in the crucial 12-20 market’s memory. Teenagers will not want a Wii, they’ll want a PS3, but will settle on a 360. And the Wii will still be too “new” to attract the phantom legion of so-called “non-gamers” Nintendo is counting on.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict the Wii will outsell the 360 and PS3 combined this Christmas.

It will also still end up number three in the long run.

However, Nintendo will continue to make bucketloads of cash money profit.

PS3 is simply to expensive to get anything but the hardcore market or the rich, and personally, I think Nintendo is still seen as the ‘kiddie’ company. Sony didnt ship enough to win the holidays, and 360’s will be the easiest console to find and has an established game base. For me, the 360 is the clear choice.

You have to think about who’s going to be making the purchases this Christmas, though. Parents know what a Nintendo is, they know it’s only $250, and there are going to be quite a few available. While the 360 may be the clear choice for you, I don’t think it will be the clear choice for the mass market.

That’s using the assumption that kids are the primary demographic for console purchases. I think for the teenage/young adult crowd, the 360 will easily beat the Wii and PS3 this holiday season.

The “mass market” choice is either going to be the PS3 or the 360. The Wii will be the domain of Nintendo fanboys or people who want it for a second console after already purchasing one of the other two.

As long as Nintendo can put Wiis on shelves this holidays season, people will buy them.

I predict that “Play with your Wii” jokes will NEVER end.

Guess what – kids are, during Christmas. This is the time of the year when they can all afford game systems. Or rather, their parents will actually buy them. Any other time of the year, the older crowd is the one that steps up and becomes the mass market.

The “mass market” choice is either going to be the PS3 or the 360. The Wii will be the domain of Nintendo fanboys or people who want it for a second console after already purchasing one of the other two.

I think this would be a good time to show you the video of whose booth everyone ran to when the doors opened at E3. Here’s a guess: it wasn’t Microsoft’s, and it wasn’t Sony’s. Also, the statement that the Wii will be the domain of “fanboys” is just plain douchey, cowboy.

I see that K0ny voted. :)


Actually, that was Tyjenks. The poll isn’t anonymous. Ty, you’ve been outed!