Head to Head to Head: PS3 vs XBox vs Wii

Oddly enough, the 1 PS3 vote isn’t from K0ny.

This poll is unfair, you can’t vote when you’re shivering your balls off on a lawn chair outside Best Buy.

Hello and welcome to QT3.

How about this? I’m going to be a punk and not do what the thread starter asked me to do!

The Wii is riding on the tidal wave of endless smiles, chocolate and ice cream that is the DS. It’ll be like some sort of sweet banquet of color-coded candy morsels. Nintendo has so many Wii units coming down the pipeline, tons of gamers are going to be able to snatch them up and at a low price. If the DS is any indication, they just might do so.

Plus, Zelda returns. Any holiday season with a Zelda release is automagically an awesome holiday season. Not only, for the aesthetically retarded (:D), this game will be a return of form perhaps of everything they want their traditional Zelda to be, a striking, enchanted, unbelievably inspired romp through Japanese myths, Grimm’s fairy tales and the most sophisticated pieces of action adventure gaming through the years.

Plus it has a game where you have to stop stupid rabid bunnies, a game with exciting trucks, a game where you get to destroy houses and places to look for things, a game revolving around monkeys in balls doing silly things and even a game where you can slice up Yakuza to make yourself feel better about your maturity level. Plus, Wario Ware. Never forget Wario Ware. And Metal Slug, never forget Metal Slug.

So the Wii will kick ass.

The PS3 is the successor to two of some of the greatest consoles in the history of gaming, with most breathtakingly wide assortment of games imaginable. It’s packing better hardware for its time than its ever had before and giving people a lot of what they could like about the Wii (classic downloadable games from the systems’ back catalogues, complete backward compatibility, movement-based ideas to insert into games and some nifty non-gaming uses) and the Xbox 360 (an [even] wide[r] assortment of traditional games, a hard drive, online gaming, downloadable indie games and advantage new era of HD gaming). On top of that, it can wirelessly connect to the PSP, can run a broad swath of Linux applications, has a Blu-Ray player and can even help cure cancer. Good googly moogly.

And it’s launch lineup is typical PlayStation, which is a ton of potential and a lot of shine, unknowns coming from every direction, while not lacking in any one area. You’ve got the classics coming in for a repeat performance with stuff like Armored Core 4, Call of Duty 3 and Ridge Racer 7, along with the unknown potentials like Motorstorm, Railfan and Resistance. So yeah, you get a PS3, you get some cool games. But what you mostly get is something like an insurance policy that you’re going to be set for a very long time and in many unforeseen ways. It’s like those dependable people who are always around when you want them to be.

And then you have the 360, which is coming off what looks to me like a much better first year than the original Xbox, in that there’s tons of genuinely good games already available for it and the system has its own solid identity. Better yet, it’s actually going to really launch in Japan. Culdcept Saga, Super Robot Wars, Let’s Go By Train, Lost Planet, The Earth Defense Force 3 and of course, Blue Dragon. Mein gott! It actually looks like a Saturn or Dreamcast lineup! Hooray!

So more of the promises from the first year are being met, current owners are getting more of what they like and MS continues to expand their appeal with games that Japanese people actually want to play and stuff like Viva Pinata. (Even the aesthetically retarded are covered with a super-duper-hex-a-luper release: Gears of War! :P) If you haven’t bought a 360 you don’t need to worry about MS ironing out launch problems or building a lineup that won’t go dry for you soon.

And if you don’t like any of this: the PS2 is still viable and amazing, the DS kicks all kinds of ass, the PSP may get ignored, but its unwarranted as great games are coming out for it all the time and the PC games market is still chugging along merrily, happily defying people who say its dying or dead.

When you look at it like that, it makes you wonder why we complain. :)


Why? One guy said he liked PS3 and everyone decided he must be a sleeper cell Sony agent, who won’t know that he’s actually a viral marketer for Sony until they use the keyword (to get all of the QT3 POWER DOLLARS of course, this money was previously used to stop evil Bethsoft Micropayments, and to kill Osama Bin Laden). Except, something went wrong, the conditioning went haywire, now he’s doing the impossible, he honestly wants the PS3 and thinks it’s good.

I’m just gonna go with the Wii because it’s what all you guys freak out about.

Guess what – kids are, during Christmas. This is the time of the year when they can all afford game systems. Or rather, their parents will actually buy them. Any other time of the year, the older crowd is the one that steps up and becomes the mass market.

Teenagers and young adults get Christmas presents from their parents too, you know, and among that crowd (which, incidentally, is more likely to want a video game console than kids under 10), the 360 or PS3 will hold an edge.

I think this would be a good time to show you the video of whose booth everyone ran to when the doors opened at E3. Here’s a guess: it wasn’t Microsoft’s, and it wasn’t Sony’s.

Much like posters on this board, E3 attendees are not a good metric to measure the mass-market appeal of a particular game or console.

Also, the statement that the Wii will be the domain of “fanboys” is just plain douchey, cowboy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably end up buying a Wii at some point, but I don’t think it’s going to have the mainstream success of either of the other two.

I was thinking more or less the 13 or below demographic. After that age, I didn’t get game systems for Christmas, I got things like computers and things more practical for teenage life.

But, I’ll just go ahead and place my bets right now that, provided the Wii’s stock can keep up, it will outsell the 360 and PS3 this Christmas.

The Wii is the darling of the mainstream press and I know quite a few non-gamer adults around the office that, having been handed a controller in a Wii Sports game (bowling, tennis, whatever) think it’s total fun and are now considering buying one.

Wii’s sales this holiday are going to come down to a few things. First, supply. Nintendo says “millions” available worldwide, but what company’s say and what stores get are sometimes different things. Second is, do all those “I want to get one now” adult non-gamers actually bite the bullet, and can they find one easily? Third, how successful will Nintendo be at getting through that first-try phase? I mean, non-gamers seem to dig it when they play the super-simple titles and wave their arms around as their little Mii smacks a tennis ball back and forth. But the key part is making them try it. Nintendo’s PR has done a great job getting on the morning shows and stuff. Will that pay off?

Ultimately I think 360 will be the overall “winner” for a few reasons:

  1. Longer “holiday” season. PS3 goes on sale in 3.5 hours, Wii on Sunday. 360’s holiday pretty much started last week when Gears and Viva Pinata and CoD3 released. I bet sales spiked significantly.

  2. Supply. 360 will have the units out there - not just in North America, but in Europe and (gasp) Japan.

  3. Japan (really!). Nintendo will do awesome in Japan. PS3 will do terribly simply because they won’t have the units to sell - the demand is obviously there. But preorder indications show that people really, really want Blue Dragon. It’s sitting #3 on the top-5 list in Famitsu (ahead of Twilight Princess and MGS4). Tens of thousands of preorders for the Blue Dragon bundle sold out in a day. I have a feeling that, when the Blue Dragon bundle hits on Dec 7, 360 sales are going to spike a lot. They’ll sell at least a few hundred thousand console in Japan by the end of the year on that title alone. It’s not that many, and not what Nintendo will sell, but it actually stands a good chance of being more units than Sony will supply of the PS3. I’m not saying the 360 stands a chance of “winning” Japan in the long run, but it’ll get a really nice spike from Blue Dragon and it’ll come right when the PS3 is heavily supply-constrained.

  4. Games and Accessories. It’s not all about number of consoles sold. Everyone who gets a Wii will get Twilight Princess and…well that’s about it. The Wii Sports that all the parents and non-gamer adults care about most is bundled with the console. Zelda is basically the must-have gamer title. There’s not a lot of other stuff coming out this holiday that’s really going to sell gangbusters at retail. The 360 will sell additional controllers (as will Nintendo/Sony), but they have the racing wheel, faceplates, the HD-DVD drive, wireless headset…basically the whole accessories ecosystem is in place. It’s also just got more big games than Nintendo - Gears, Viva Pinata (you bastards should ALL be playing that game, by the way), CoD3, Rainbow Six Vegas, way more sports titles already on shelves, etc. The PS3 doesn’t really matter in the software/accessories match-up because even if the tie ratio is fantastic (I don’t think it will be), the actual units sold will be seriously supply-constrained.

So when you add up all the consoles, software, and accessories sold, I think the 360 will dominate the holidays quite readily. From a mindshare/marketing perspective, things may turn out differently.

Wii’s got the hype and the units in stores and the unconventional games.

Games like GoW, R6 Vegas, and CoD3 are not going to sell to anyone not already in the 360 fanbase. And faceplates don’t sell for shit.

Wii has hype? With who, outside of little kids and old men who wish they were little kids again?

i.e., with everyone but punky teenagers and almost-teens.

Have you not seen the mainstream media coverage it’s getting?

I think PS3 will win because, according to the expert from PC Magazine who was on FOX News today, “It doesn’t just play games, it also plays Bluetooth movies.”

You’re retarded, worm.

The latest Economist weighs in on the PS3.

Not much new to people here, although the bar graph showing the dominance of the PS1 and PS2 is striking.

But instead of riding the PS3 as a Trojan horse, Blu-ray has instead hobbled it by increasing its price and delaying its introduction. The battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD may even prove irrelevant, as internet downloads become the medium of choice for high-definition video.

But they conclude:

a few teething problems in the early days are nothing to worry about; besides, the PS2 was also criticised for being expensive, over-engineered and unreliable when it first appeared. But having achieved 70% market share last time around, Sony is certain to lose ground this time. The only question is how much.

Heh, it’s a good day to buy a 360 in Canada. Future Shop has the Premium bundle with Gears of War, GRAW, and RR6 for $450 CDN. Obviously they’re targeting people who had hoped to get a PS3 today and found them all sold out.

You missed a choice. The PS2 has a real good chance to run away with things this year. The price is very reasonable and the software line-up is very, very good, both in terms of overall library (no competition here) and recent holiday releases. I’d argue that the PS2 has been the best system to own this holiday season, even in the face of Gears of War. You’ve got Bully, FFXIII, and Guitar Hero 2 released within a month of each other.

In terms of software sales, the PS2 will win. You just can’t beat a huge install base.

In terms of hardware sales, it should be interesting. The PS3 has no chance due to limited supplies. The supply of the Wii is still up in the air but it could do very well. In the US, my prediction is that the DS will sell the most hardware units this year with the 360 coming in second. In Japan, the DS will rule the roost, with the Wii coming in second, and probably a distant second at that. Again, the PS2 will do better than anyone thinks.

Yes, and it has not been that much other than being mentioned as the cheaper console with the motion sensor thingy.

It’s Christmas … price point talks, and bullshit walks. Wii will make a fortune for Nintendo this Christmas.

Don’t go into marketing, okay?