Head to Head to Head: PS3 vs XBox vs Wii

Said the blind to the guy with one eye.

I think the Wii will outsell the other systems if Nintendo gets enough in the stores. Most people who wanted a 360 probably have one. All the PS3s Sony can manage to ship will sell.

The PS3 and the Wii will dominate the news too, and the buzz at the watercoolers in the offices will be parents asking other parents if they know of any PS3 or Wii resupplies. I just don’t see the 360 generating much excitement. Why would it? It’s old now. It’s last years news.

The release of Halo 3 is the one thing that that would have put it in there swinging with the others this holiday, especially if they had done a special edition hardware bundle. Oh well…

(Hell, even a Gears of War pack might have done some business…)

One would think, but the PS2 is still enjoying amazingly high sales even to this day. I don’t think that can really be counted as a factor.

Chicks dig Wii.

Therefore, guys who want chicks to dig their wii will also dig Wii.

Yea, just like how everybody stopped caring about the PS2 when the GameCube and Xbox launched.

A vote for shitbonerz is a vote for Sony.

I’m going to echo sentiments stated earlier that the real winner this holiday season is going to be Playstation2. At $120 retail and an enormous library of games, its going to continue to appeal to many audiences. $120 is actually a very reasonable price for a family Christmas present, or even an individual’s christmas present depending on family income. The same cannot be said of a $400 or even a $300 Xbox360. Plus, the Playstation 2 is still being supported by high quality or popularity game releases, like Okami and FFXII. I don’t think the same can be said about the original Xbox, which seems to be just getting ports found on other consoles.

PS3 and Wii will both sell out over the holiday season, no question. There just aren’t enough of them to “win” Christmas.

I think for a couple of months the newer systems probably sold at a faster rate in terms percentage of available stock sold. That’s just a guess, though.

The problem the 360 has is it’s still $400. That’s still too much. That price is ok for the hardcore enthusiasts, many of whom already have a 360, but not for families looking for affordable Christmas presents. It’s still a barrier.

Further, what games are going to sell the 360 this Christmas? I guess Gears of War, but is there anything else? Gears has been out for a few weeks already, too. You have the Wii, which sells itself by being new and exciting and having a new Zelda game. You have the PS3, which sells itself by being new and exciting and the successor to the Playstation line. And you have the 360, which is no longer new and not priced affordably yet. I’m sure it will sell, but I don’t see anything pushing it beyond the typical uptick in sales due to holiday purchases.

I think the poll is asking two different questions. I don’t necessarily think that the console which “dominates” the market over the holidays will come out as the “winner” even in the short-term. I don’t believe any of the consoles will end up dominating the market, so my vote was for the one that I think will come out as the “winner”. IMO, the PS3 will get the most media coverage and hype over the holidays which will lead to the most sales down the road.