Headphone recommendations?


I have used this pair for several years and it sounds great, is closed back, and pretty durable:

80 ohms is probably a little high for using directly with a mobile phone, but they have a 32 ohm version that supposedly works well.

Downsides are they’re outside of your budget (but they go on sale for under $150 occasionally) and they block out enough noise that walking around with them on might be dangerous when crossing the street. Also the cable is a bit long at 6ft to comfortably let dangle loose while walking around.


Various responses-

THANKS TO ALL, of course.

I believe those ATH in the photo (that photo looks familiar…?) are the Audio Technica ATH-M50x or maybe the M40s?

Those are regularly highly recommended in this “area” - the 40s are praised in the WireCutter’s best under $200 list (https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-150-over-ear-headphones/) - thanks for that recommendation. Their writeups are typically very well-done - informative, concise and clear. (They favor the ATH-M40x, though some (most?) favor the ATH-M50x.)

Portability is key, so a 6ft wire? I dunno.

I would not be using a phone as source but for now it is one of the Sansa SanDisk versions (zip or zip clip, I forget) or a Sony Walkman (NOT the super fancy “new” ones, but the much older more basic ones - don’t have the # handy). These are both about to die, hence my request above for a DAP replacement recommendation.


Yes that audiotechnica I have above are the 50x and have a nice non bassy neutral signature. Ive used it with a sansa clip and the addition of a portable headphone amp didn’t help much at all.


Yeah, you’re right, that wire is kinda annoying. I only sometimes use the the ATH-50, usually I use earphones for portability.


NAD HP50 is right up your alley. If you’re willing to go another $100, Sennheiser Momentum 2/HD1 (same model, had to change the name), which gives you better portability and durability (folds up, has padded flexible steel headband).


Oh, and in addition to the HP50s I recommend ibasso DAPs. My DX50 is Rockboxed and has lasted >4 years without a hiccup. In addition to gapless playback, zero delay for indexing, and all the other Rockbox features I’ve got enough amp power to liquefy anyone’s eardrums, a great DAC, a separate line out, and a microSD slot with a 400GB card in it (that was extra but I got it this past Black Friday for $80).


Decent price on my favorite open back headphones:




I just got a pair of these to replace my Sony MDR-1A, and they sound amazing.


Whoa they look impressive. Sadly can’t do closed back headphones due to ear sweats. D:


Ah, conversely I can’t do open-back headphones due to sound leakage (since I mainly listen at work with people in reasonably close proximity).


My workaround: use them as earmuffs in the cold winter weather!


I used to get ear heat and sweat with the closed-back headphones at my college radio station, and since other people were also sweating into them I just refused to use them.

I’ve found since then that it’s only a problem with the way specific models fit my head and what the earpads are made of. My Sennheiser Momentum 2s with leather pads do not make my ears sweat even on 10-hour flights to Europe where I almost never take them off.

The only ways I’ve found to predict the problem ahead of time are 1) to read lots of reviews and avoid models that have a few mentions and 2) to go to a Best Buy that contains a Magnolia with a listening station and test for a long time. These days my experience tells me never to buy headphones without doing 2 anyway, since you never know whether a given pair of headphones will seal well around your ears or stay comfortable.