Headphone recommendations?

You have more headsets than people have fingers

Lol, you can use them too with your phone or your console, etc.

Or you can send them to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought some XM5s and Bose QC45s a couple of years ago, planning to use one of them at work, and ended up returning the XM5s for the same reason. I liked Sony’s features and the mobile app better, but they hurt my ears after a little while. The interior of the Bose cups are angled away so they don’t come in contact with my earlobes. I can wear these things for hours just fine.

Well, while I await for the new headset, I will comment I’ve been playing around Equalizers, discovering sites like

seeing how Equalizer APO works in Windows (it’s kinda weird, there is no easy way to change between presets, finally I learned you have to do includes), reading about the Harman target, etc.

With this, I could make a decent tune-up to the Epos headset, I discovered how the Sennheiser I liked more in fact are closer to the reference Harman target (except in the low bass), and how the Epos have important gaps in the upper mid and treble that is why it felt unnatural to me.

Yeah, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro win, Epos will be returned.

The Corsair ones has too much bass, but it’s something that that can be fixed with a single EQ adjustment. And with extra EQ, you have a very decent pair of headphones for music.

The EPOS in contrast needed some heavy EQ just to be decent. Although I will miss the pair of extra features of the EPOS, namely the volume wheel on the side and the ability to raise the mic to mute it (and the fact it’s magnetically detachable, great idea).

Sonos Ace headphones arrived last week and they were worth the wait (if you are an Arc and iOS user). I’ve owned the Sony current headphones and Apple’s Pro Max. Apple’s weird case and 20 pounds on my head were quickly handed off to a family member. Sony’s are lightweight and sound good but battery life is an issue.

The Ace has a more premium feel than the Sony phones and don’t weigh on your head and ears like the APM. I have an Arc, and the simple button push to send sound to the phones works great. Push a button again and I can listen to my already linked iPhone.

The case is nice and includes a headphone jack cord to use for lossless wired listening. Overall a great first effort!

Now if you are on Android, used the old Sonos app much, or don’t own an Arc, your mileage may vary, hehe.

Really? I have not had an issue with that at all. I know that they’re not the longest lasting at that price point, but I haven’t once come close to running out.

The Sony’s aren’t bad but I can use close to half the battery in an evening of TV watching. I usually have to recharge after two days with them.

Another good thing about the Ace is that I am using the output from the Arc, not Bluetooth from my AppleTV or any other input. So I don’t have to switch BT connections if I am not using the AppleTV.

That… seems fine? I get about the same from my older Bose QCs, or my bone conduction earphones.

For anyone looking for anything even less expensive than that, I’m still a big fan of the Samson 850’s at $40. Semi-open back, auto-adjust headband, velour earpads. Lots of folks slap 3rd party earpads on, but that kinda defeats the bargain price.

The cable is the weak part of this - I did end up having to buy a second pair after about 5 years when the wire finally gave out.

Throw in a tool like SoundID Reference, or some equalizer settings from AutoEQ and they sound even better (both apps have settings for this set).

Or… maybe I will return too the Corsair Virtuoso Pro, because I may get a second hand (but with just a few months of use + warranty) Audeze Maxwell for 300€, shipping included. If everything goes well, I should have them at the end of next week.

Was able to use the Ace for five days without charging. I am very happy with that. They continue to sound great and I just need to master how to switch from the sound bar connection to my iPhone without incident. That transition hasn’t gone smoothly yet!

Ok, Maxwell on the house. As I said, I got them because I found them at a good price on the second hand market, and with still 2.5 years of warranty.

As headphones, the summary is easy: they sound very good! Good with the asterisk they are designed as per audiophiles tastes, tuned to be ‘boring’, flat, which some people may find unexciting. The good part is the detailed sound.
Build quality is also very good, they use steel and aluminum in key points, and have detachable earpads and head strap, and they have great battery.

The con is the weight, 500 grams is on the heavy side. The strap and the ear pads at least seem well designed, mitigating part of this con. Hell, even more than the weight, what it bothers me is that they are ‘hot’ side, even a bit hotter than my also closed Senns.

As a piece of tech, I kinda want to write more about them, because they are impressive in that regard, in how much they have crammed in the headset, even if honestly you won’t end up using all this shit. They have

-BT 5.3 connection with all the fancy codecs support (LC3plus, LE Audio, LDAC, AAC, SBC, etc), and multi-point connection (they can pair with several BT devices)
-Wireless 2.4ghz connection to dedicated usb dongle, that allows for even lower latency than the most modern BT protocols. No drivers or special software needed by the dongle
-Both of these connection have great range, some people measured it at 70 feet
-80 hour battery (!), with rapid charging
-wired mode too: usb-c cable connection
-and aux 3.5mm connection
-they can play two simultaneous audio streams, if one goes by cable and another by wireless. This however is the big limitation of the device, for lots of people, because they wish it could play both the wireless dongle (the game or whatever) and the smartphone (by BT), that way you could take a call while gaming or whatever.
-dual audio endpoints (this means, in Windows appears as two different audio devices, so you can assign Discord or Spotify to one and a game to another, with different volume levels). Because… the headset have a normal volume wheel and a balance wheel that changes the mix between the two. Cool idea.
-integrated mic in the headphones + detachable boom mic + mic mute switch
-integrated AI noise suppression system for the mics
-you can toggle sidetone and how strong it is (hearing your own voice in the headset thanks to the mic)
-EQ presets (including one called ‘footsteps’ for competitive shooters lol) that you can change directly from the headset itself, and the ability to create custom presets with the mobile or Windows app
-media control buttons on headset of course.

After real usage, it has a pair of small issues: while the range seems impressive at first, that’s the case of speaker stream, your voice through the mic gets robotic if you go too far away (I tried to go to the kitchen in a meeting :P). The mic also has another issue: depending on the program you use, it has the microphone being ‘hot’ always, or not. If it isn’t always ‘hot’, active, then the mic enters in a energy saving mode and needs a pair of seconds to wake up, when you talk. So for example, in the basic Windows audio recording tool, if I press record and start talking immediately, the first two seconds can’t be heard.