Headphone recommendations?


If $20 counts:


I have 'em and they’re great.


Those definitely count. In fact I just ordered a pair.


Ordered two – let’s see how good they are.


So I picked up a few of those monoprice headphones. I’ve never used anything but cheap $15 ones so I have nothing else to compare it to but man the monoprice ones sound GREAT! Everybody says the default tips are crap but they seem to get a pretty good seal at least in my ear. After a few hours of wearing these they are more comfortable than I expected. I did went ahead and ordered some of those comply tips just to try them out. Also, the monoprice 8320’s seem to have dropped a bit in price recently now at $5.96 even at 1 quantity with shipping at a very reasonable $2.12. So for about $8 shipped these are really hard to beat.


I bought a pair and they really do have great sound for the price. I hate the cord with a passion though, the microphonics are terrible and the feel of it makes my skin crawl, that may just be me though… If they made another version with a rubberized cord I’d pay double. As it is I could never have these as my main headphones.


I found that the microphonics are greatly reduced if you wear the cables over your ears.


That would involve the cord touching my skin, which is a non option due to the skin crawling business :).


They are a bit of a tangled mess but I actually like the feel of the cord :-)


Makes me feel like there are spider legs caressing my ears.


Yeah the mono price IEMs are awesome! The cans eh not so much they sound great to be sure but they don’t have nearly the bass that the IEMs have. I want to order another pair.


Not exactly the appropriate thread but can someone recommend a good headset mic combo? I’m looking for a headset not actual earphones. Just something decent that I can use to call my parents on the computer with.


do you have to buy them in tokyo?


Well I don’t have to but that would be the easiest. If the best set in a price range of $20-30 is something like a Logitech then I’m sure I can Amazon it.


I got the Comply T-400 tips in yesterday. I did a lot of back to back and even one in each ear comparisons between the original tips and these comply ones. Comply definitely does sound better with fuller bass. Also, they seem quite a bit more comfortable. I wonder how long these things will last? I keep reading they loose their sponginess over time.

Anyways, it basically turns your $8 headphones into $13 ones. I still think the default tips aren’t nearly as bad as a lot of the reviews make it out to be. They still sound very good even without the comply tips. Maybe my ears just happen to be the right shape and size.


I’ve been using Comply tips for a couple years now, and they’re the only tips that really work for me. I change them after maybe 8 weeks. I’ve found I prefer the new open-cell ones, which are also cheaper.


Maybe you guys can help me with something. When I am playing MMOs on PC I use a single-ear USB headset for Ventrilo and play the game sound over my 5.1 setup. I would really love to find a more comfortable, over the head communication headset for this purpose. I have been using Logitech/Plantronics sets in the 20 dollar range for years, but want something that will be more comfortable for hours of use.

Sound fidelity is not a critical factor here, compared to comfort. I’ve been looking at websites from a bunch of different manufacturers mentioned in this thread: Sennheiser, Grado, Audio-Technica, Koss, etc. and I can’t find what I am looking for. Ideas?


I went to Guitar Center to buy the Sennheiser HD380 Pro and ended up leaving with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 after trying both and the Audio Technica ATH-M50. The DT 770 is a bit harder for my Clip+ to drive than the other two, but the comfort and build quality were much nicer. I was particularly disappointed by how cheap the Sennheisers looked and felt.

Edit: These things are AMAZING with the Haxan Cloak album. The bottom end drops so low that I feel like my teeth should be rattling, but it’s not muddy. I’ve never heard headphones that made me wonder why I wasn’t feeling the bass I was hearing.


I absolutely loved my Beyerdynamic DT440 headphones for similar reasons tiohn, but after several years the plastic broke on one side and it was cheaper to get a new pair. I went with Audiotechnica AD900 instead, they’re excellent with “tighter” bass, and frankly more comfortable, but I still miss the thump in those Beyers.


I’m still looking for suggestions for a single-cup headset. I’ve looked at using something from the Sennheiser CC500 series with a USB adapter. I’ve been trying to figure out if there is some way I could adapt a two-way radio headset for USB use, something like one of the Motorola NFL style headsets.


Well you could just modify this thing http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Motorola-Gaming-Headset-X205/dp/B000GFJEPQ

Not 100% sure how well it would work for you though.