Headphone recommendations?


Yeah, I could, but I heard from customers those were really crappy when I was working at GameStop. I was hoping that the “real ones” (to the extent they are) were better.


I absolutely love my BD 880s – great cans, and very comfy.




They were having a sale!

They’re also absolutely only place in the area that carries high-end headphones that aren’t Grado, much less lets you listen to them with your own source.


Anybody familiar with these guys: Stanton DJ Pro 500 MC?


Protip: Guitar Center will price match almost anything, and most GC prices are well above competition. So if you want something now you can usually avoid looking for a sale and just have them price match (I’ve done it just by browsing for a best price on my phone and showing the salesperson).

Where the sales are nice is when it’s on an item they carry at a reasonable price and you want the extra 10% off or whatever. I used a $100 off of $500 sale to get a desk at a much better price than I would have otherwise.


Now that I finally have a DAC/amp to hook up to my computer, I love the Beyerdynamics even more.


Dude, what DAC/amp did you buy?


iBasso D7. I can upsample shit to 24/192, BITCH.

And, uh, play all those master recordings that I have, or something.



Until recently I had an old set of SteelSeries over-the-ear headphones that had an extendable mic – not sure about the model number, but they weren’t terribly expensive. I really liked them. I lent them to my kids and don’t really want to talk about what happened next. Long story short, I need new headphones.

It looks like the 5HV3 is the modern-day counterpart of what I used to have. Anyone have this set? Or want to talk me out of this and into something else? Should I be looking at a USB version over a regular 3.5mm audio jack? My budget is $50-$100ish. I’m all ears! LOL GET IT


Love my Astro A30s, FWIW. $99. Not USB, but your built-in sound hardware is likely much better than the DAC on USB headphones, even if you don’t have a sound card.


These are the best sounding headphones I’ve heard for under $100:

Grado SR80 - $99
Sennheiser PX-100II - around $70

Both of these have a nice balanced, clean, natural sound. Though there is ample bottom end, these are NOT for BASSHEADS.

And I recently got some cheapo Sony earbuds (MDR-EX37B/BLK) for jogging use and could not believe how good they sounded for $14.99 (on sale at BB, regularly $19.99).

Of course, if you want to spend a little more, these are heaven: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Headphones-Burl-Wood-Accents/dp/B0042A8CW2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388630961&sr=8-1&keywords=sennheiser+hd+598


Ha! I have those same earbuds! They are amazing for the price. And thanks for the recommendations.

Bonus question: I get some kind of buzzing line noise out of the headphone jacks on my PC and have never been able to resolve it. Would a USB DAC solve this problem? Are there even any cheap decent ones?


Yes, it probably would. I recommend this model. Detailed review here. The 222 is identical to the 202, except it’s red and comes with more software. Same price.


Thanks. After some more research I am actually thinking about going with something like Creative’s external sound card. Obviously it’s consumer grade, but I’m no audiophile so that’s fine with me. I’m just looking for buzz-free output, and this has some nice additional bells and whistles like positional audio and a big volume wheel. I’ll be gaming on it, not listening to Chopin. Anyone want to talk me out of it?

p.s. What is the difference between a sound card and a DAC anyway? Obviously a sound card has to have a DAC in it, right? Is it obvious yet that I don’t know anything about audio?


The Behringer one is $20 cheaper and also has a (small) volume wheel on it.


The creative device doesn’t work on OSX, so it must have proprietary drivers. I would get the model I recommended, but I’m sure the creative one is fine too, particularly if you need the remote.


If we can go back to headphones for a moment, anyone have recommendations for a decent set of Bluetooth? Earbuds might be preferable, but not required. Decent (stereo) sound is required. Thinking they might be nice for iPad/Vita and possibly NVidia Shield usage without bothering those nearby.


I have this: http://www.outdoortechnology.com/Shop/Adapt/


I have that, too, and it works like a charm. Makes any headphones into a speakerphone as well.