Headphone recommendations?


I ended up getting the ATH-ES700 as I managed to find a deal for them for only about 9500 yen (85 US). They’re great. Not quite as in your face as larger headphones but do sound great. They’re on ear headphones rather than over ear so I don’t wear them in the summer so much as my ears get too hot.


Just a quick note. After my my Sennheisers broke I got these. Still rocking for a few years now. I actually ordered them before they were even released. Highly recommended.


LDAC will be in Android O. So these may be more viable whenever manufacturers start releasing and implementing updates! I saw Galaxy S8 rumoured for November, for example - though whether it gets LDAC is another thing.

I was looking at some new headphones in this price range, and was considering Sony MDR1000x. Then I thought, do I really need noise cancelling (or even bluetooth)?

Could I instead spend that money on better sound quality? Is there anything around the MDR1000x price with superior sound? Over-ear closed-back is my preference.


What Senn’s were you rockin? I have HD 580’s and they are at least a decade old. I’m on my 3rd replacement pads - worried that they’ll crap out at some point, so always looking.




I’m not usually one to go for style over performance, but when you can find both… I love the retro look of the Sennheiser HD1 over-ear headphones. Just got a pair and even sans amp the audio is so much clearer than any headphones I’ve used before. With a tiny bit of EQ boost in the mids they sound wonderful. And they’re comfortable even on my enormous head. Definitely the best cans I’ve owned.

Now to look at what I want to connect between them and my work laptop, amp-wise. I have an Accessport for use with my phone that does a nice job.


It was actually these Klipsch HP-3 beauties that got me on the kick of finally buying a good set of headphone and wanting something with a retro style. These are absolutely stunning! But not spending $1,200 on a set of cans no matter how epic they are in sound or appearance. Plus even if I did want to spend crazy money, my use case isn’t compatible with semi-open designs.


Those look a little too steampunk for my tastes personally. The HD1 looks great though!


Yeah, I think the HD1s are a happy medium. Classic but not over-the-top. And they don’t cost as much as an overpriced anniversary edition iPhone. :)


Hey, people who pay attention to such things: are the Bose set still the gold standard for noise cancelling? I am starting a bit of a bus commute here next-next Monday and I think it may be time treat myself.


Yes definitely.


On the other hand, looking into it this may be more like an hour and a half bus commute, so I may be buying a car instead.


Use of noise-cancelling headphones while driving is not recommended. But I have both noise-cancelling earbuds and headphones from Bose if you have any questions.


I… assumed he isn’t driving the bus.


What a weird question. AFAICT, neither buses nor cars have headphone jacks.

If bus:



Spock will appear and nerve pinch.


I saw the Verge’s (I think? Name is Vlad) headphone editor refer to the Sony (I forget the name of their top current NC model) has having “the best” noise cancellation now — but it was in the context of a discussion of other high-end headphones with NC, and Bose was not specifically mentioned, so I felt that a clarification was in order. It made me interested in trying it out, though.


Those seemed identical to my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s, right down the the color, so I looked them up. Apparently they ARE identical except for the nameplate — it turned out Senn didn’t own the rights to the Momentum brand name. That’s why the Senn site calls them “the headphones with MOMENTUM” or something like that. Wacky.

Anyway, I’ve owned mine two years and am super happy with them. I think I’m going to replace the earpads at last, though.



My physical therapist wants me to stop holding my phone up to my ear, and I’m on board with that. I have a Nexus 5X, do a moderate amount of personal and work calls, and listen to a bit of music on it but not a ton. The latter is mostly because I’ve never been happy with any of the earphones I’ve owned.

My biggest beef is with dealing with the cord as I dig out them out of a bag or a jacket pocket; they’re always getting tangled or twisted up, and I can’t be bothered to use a velcro tie or whatever (although I could probably be convinced to do so).

Now that I’m going to have to commit to a good pair, I want to do more to make sure it fits my needs well:

  • Would prefer neck band variety. I love the idea of just wearing a neck band around and pairing with my phone as needed, on the fly.
  • A corded neck band solution would probably be acceptable, but cordless preferred. (I don’t think there are even any corded neck band solutions anyway.)
  • The quality of my voice while on calls must be the same as it is when I’m not using a headphone mic. This might be vanity, but for some reason it always bothers me to wonder if I sound any different over the headphone mic.
  • Battery life must be good enough to support a day of 1-3 medium-to-long calls and a bit of music here and there.
  • My budget is probably $150 or less, but I’d really prefer to spend under $100 if possible.

I like the look of the Sennheiser HD 1 (and I’m just a big fan of Sennheiser), but the reviews are mixed and the audio quality (while on calls) is apparently noticeably different from no-earphone calls.

The Etymotic Research HF3 looks like a great pair of earphones in terms of quality ear buds and voice quality, but it’s corded and not neck bandy.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with my research. I’m really not up to speed on good audiophile forums or places to do more research, and so I turn to you guys, as usual.