Heads UP: Civ IV 1.52 patch. Now with memory optimizations

Have you been spyin’? :o

Agreed. That Xfire installation prompt is just plain annoying for its obvious misdirection. Fortunately, I have no friends so I don’t miss out online.

Yeah I got like 20K points on Settler level when I first started and have just now gotten to 10K points on Noble. My top three scores are still from those early/first week games before I settled on Noble. The scoring isn’t skewed properly for the easier difficulty levels.

It annoys me that it doesn’t make any effort to detect my current Xfire install. I guess it’s kind of like how every game keeps asking if I want to install DirectX. Well, at least it doesn’t try to automatically overwrite my current version with an older one like it used to do.

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I would like to take this opportunity to say something good about Civ4. I’m very happy that they brought back Sid Meier’s original Civilization title music, which was the best title music ever, as the theme of Frederick the Great. Thanks!

Curious if anyone has an answer to this. Is their a way to password protect Civs in a DirectIP game? I know its possible if you were doing a PBEM game. The password box is greyed out though for DirectIP games. I just don’t want others reloading a save game and checking out other people’s Civs’.

After twice getting nuked down by Scott in multiplayer, I’d love to see the ability to build bomb shelters earlier.

Or, as an alternate proposal, turn off the ability for players to hurry the production of ICBM’s.

In my latest game, I had a small, highly highly developed batch of cities - vs. Scott’s large, sprawling, mostly inefficient empire.

He builds Manhattan Project, I switch every city to bomb shelters, each of which takes a minimum of 1 turn, maximum of 3 turns - majority done in 2 . . .

And the next turn 4-5 accelerated nukes hit my main cities, knocking my population down enough for the domination victory.


Huh, that’s interesting. Bomb shelters actually feel a little overpowered to me but I hadn’t considered a hurry nuke rush. Seems pretty easy to stop once you’ve lost to it once already.

I just wanted to say, that after this patch the game runs smoothly, I can once again watch the wonder movies and I like the new logically organized Civiliopedia (small nitpick to Soren: When more than half the wonders are called “The… something” maybe you shouldn’t organize them as words starting with “T”, but do what libraries do: “Three Gorges Dam, The”, “Manhattan Project, The” - that’s the way people look for them anyway)
I am very happy with the game and it’s now at #1 on my GOTY list.

… but I find it reprehensible, very unprofessional and downright evil to release the patch that fixes this my most anticipated and yet frustrating game right after christmas and in the middle of what is probably this winters only decent snowfall… I’m supposed to play with the kids, damn you!

Actually, there’s no way to stop this, which is why it really should be fixed:

Step 1: Set up Manhattan project to build (which can’t be hurried).
Step 2: Some turns before it completes, set your economy to 0/0 tech/culture - in other words, all money. Set your Universal Sufferage civic if you haven’t already.
Step 3: The turn your Manhattan project completes, buy as many ICBMs as you can afford. They’re expensive, but not overly so… IIRC they’re 870g or so. If you have 15-20k in your treasury, that’s a lot of nukes.
Step 4: The turn after that, nuke away. You have one turn of assured armageddon, because it’s impossible for any countermeasures to be built at all.

If done properly, it’s pretty much an assured victory, since 3-4 nukes will turn even the largest unprotected city to a molten slag heap.

The solution would be to not allow ICBMs to be hurried via Universal Sufferage or Slavery.

You can build the SDI before the manhattan project is built. The required tech (satellites) comes a bit later though. But if you manage to build it you should win if the other guy decides to go for a nuke rush.

Huh. Thought SDI still required Manhattan Project to be up. Well, that would work…

There’s no way to stop this is you are winning the tech race. In essence, it’s just a massive force multiplier for the person winning the game.

And I’d love to see it toned down. Of course, Scott and I can continue nuking each other and see if some other viable alternative develops.


Are you guys playing 2 player games? How does it work out with more players? Does everyone attack the nuker?

We’re playing with other players, and a few AI’s, but, for right now, Scott and I are well above the skill level of the guys we are playing with (at least in the games that have gotten closest to finishing.)

Which means we tend to split half the land/religions/wonders between us, and leave crumbs for the other players.

So far, it’s just been Scott and I left at the end game (admittedly with a very small sample of games - under half a dozen)


Edit, and, the one time we had an AI player left, he didn’t attack Scott (Frederick).

Well, late to the game. I go it for Christmas, and after all of the obligatory holiday stuff, I’m getting a change to try it out. My initial impressions are very favourable. I enjoyed Civ 3, but it didn’t have that “one more turn” magic that the previous titles had for me. I put it down to civ burn-out. But Civ 4 has me with that same urge to just continue a bit more. (Because that bitch, Isabella is going to pay for her insolence!).

I think a lot has to do with the pacing of the game. In Civ 3, it seemed (to me) that it took too many turns for something intersting to happen. In previous titles, and Civ 4, interesting things are always just a few turns away, so there’s always a short term goal that can be easily reached as part of the overall plan for WORLD CONQUEST AND DOMINATION.

There’s certainly been enough analysis of the game in previous threads. For me, it boils down to one, thing: Civ 4 is a fun way to take over the world.