Heads-up for Seattle fans of spaghetti westerns

Fistfull of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More are playing this week at the Grand Illusion. The Neptune is playing The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly sometime in July.

The Seattle dwellers who are also spaghetti western fans who also frequent Qt3 who ALSO are reading this thread thank you for your tip.

Thanks, Jason. I’m flying to Seattle on Tuesday and maybe I’ll check one of them out. It would be nice to see The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly at the Neptune – I miss that theater.

Nice try, Bri. I am heartened at least that your attempt to lessen the sting of this gratuitous “slam” indicates a desire to improve your communication with other human beings. Keep it up.

Sorry Mr. Koontz, but that statement describes me ‘to a T’. I was actually walking by the Grand Illusion last night, and noted it on thier sign (you have to walk by that intersection because the whole thing is torn up do to road work right now). The ‘Man with No Name Trilogy’ was the first thing I bought on DVD when I got a player several years ago. I saw everything the Grand Illusion played when they did their ‘Leone fest’ two or three years ago- The aforementioned trilligy, Once Upon a Time in the West, Once Upon a Time in America… good times.

Oh, and just to warn you, Jason, it’s not much of a theater, just a little bigger than my living room (not that you know how big that is), but it’s screen is certainly bigger than anything I’ve got at home. It’s cool.

Heh, who knew? I thought maybe just Tim would be interested.

Warning taken.

Brian’s attempt at flaming here probably indicates the proof of some sort of zen enigma: does an Olympic sharpshooting bullseye have such a profound understanding of sniping that he, in turn, is an expert sniper? The answer is no. I’m Leonard Nimoy. Goodnight.

Damn, I’m in Pennsylvania for the week and enjoying unusually Seattle like weather. Typically we have to watch the kids don’t faint from heat exhaustion but not this time

Thanks Don. I lived in Seattle for ten years, so I know the Grand Illusion well and have seen many an obscure film there. You ever go to the Little Theater, or the old Pike Street Cinema? Now those are some small-ass theaters :)

yeah- I 've been to the Little Theater lots (mmmmm. right next door to the Kingfish Cafe. Now I’m hungry. Lunch). I even have a friend that had a movie play there. :) Never heard of the Pike Street Cinema though, must’ve been before my time (I moved back here about 8 years ago).

Heh, I happen to live about 2 blocks from the Grand Illusion.

The Pike was a great cinema, but the owner was a New Yorker who moved back about 8 years ago. I was pretty sure it closed its doors by now. I think the theater now holds a Theater Sports company. Lots of silly fun if you have nothin’ to do on a Friday night, they get a big high school crowd.

How many fuckin’ Seattlelites are on Qt3?

Sure guys. Obviously given that 700 out of 756 Qt3ers are from the Seattle area my words were silly. I mean, SHEESH… it was so obvious that several Qt3ers are from/going to in near future Seattle AND like spaghetti westerns AND etc, etc that my words clearly had no point whatsoever. You guys caught me… how clever!

Hey, I can play YOUR game. Fun fun fun!..

On June 14 and June 15 Denver has its Juneteenth celebration of the end of slavery with Gospel music and exotic food. So all you Qt3ers who happen to be reading this thread and are Denver-livers who like the end of slavery and Gospel music and exotic food… this post’s for you!

Helping Qt3ers with their recreational activities. Its what I do.

Such anger. Destroy you it will.

Christ, I thought I took things personally…

Brian, is this new “edgy” persona of yours your attempt to ingratiate yourself with the Qt3 hipocracy? I made up that last word there as a kind of peace offering between us so you can further solidify your “edginess” by quoting it, then replying in all caps: “HIPOCRACY? MORE LIKE HYPOCRISY!” Then I’ll lick finger and make a ghost mark in the air, indicating the first Brian Koontz “score” and the orchestra cue for the Chariots of Fire soundtrack to start playing.

Although I have to say, you make a much better idiot than an asshole.

Everything after your first sentence was unnecessary.

A few of my recent posts were more “edgy” than usual, I’d hardly say that implies a persona shift. If indeed there is a persona shift, then I don’t understand it well enough to comment on it, but I’ll keep you updated.

My recent attack on Qt3 hipness (and how it devalues game evaluations) can’t really be construed as ingratiation.

My recent attack on Qt3 hipness (and how it devalues game evaluations) can’t really be construed as ingratiation.

Then thanks for leading that crusade against devalued video game evaluations by being an asshole in the “Movies” forum, Brian!

Hey Doc, have you got some sort of automatic Irish to American spell checker working at your end? Coming from the country with some of the best English prose and poetry in existence, I would expect your spelling to show greater resistance to the trans-atlantic cultural wave. :-)


Mr. Koontz, if you’d been paying a bit of attention, there was a thread about westerns here in the movie forum a month or two ago, in which many of the members of the forum expressed a great fondness for the old Leone westerns. Similarly, it has been mentioned at various times that some of us live up here in the rainy northwest. Jason merely put two and two together and figured some of us might be interested. He was right. If you find no interest in it, you could simply refrain from responding in the future. :)