Headset for Xbox Live

The headset that comes with the 360 is hideously uncomfortable, feels cheap, and has terrible audio quality (probably some of which is just the VOIP, but certainly not all of it), so I’m looking at alternate headsets. It seems like most of the 360-specific ones aren’t that great, so I’m considering getting this volume control adapter thing, along with maybe a Shure headset. Has anyone else done this? Can you verify that a headset designed for a cell phone will work okay with the 360? Alternate suggestions?

The Xbox Wireless headset was pretty, um, unspectacular when it was first released, but once they updated the firmware to address the noise issues I’ve really enjoyed using mine.

Speaking of the Xbox Wireless Headset, do you know of a way to get it to pair with controller 2 instead of controller 1? I want to use it with my drums in Rock Band, and I can’t figure out how to change it over.

Oh, and yeah, it’s awesome compared to the horrible out-of-the-box wired headset. I didn’t realize how horrible that default headset was until I had to use it today once I couldn’t get the wireless one working. Night and day in terms of quality.

PLug in controller one, plug in controller 2. Unplug controller 1, turn on headset.

Yeah, the weird thing is that there is no “controller” one, technically. I’m using the Rock Band hub, and I’ve got the drums in the first hub slot, but they show up as Controller 2. It seems as if controller 1 is the wireless X360 controller that isn’t necessarily powered up. It’s weird.

Did you use a controller to turn on the Xbox? If so… Then yes, its already mapped that as Controller 1.

Otherwise, try just plugging in the drums as though they were the only controller, use the big button to turn it on, then unplug them and plug them back into the hub.

I’m not positive, but I believe you can cycle through the 4 channels by tapping the sync button on the headset.

Yep. Just push the button till the green 2 lights up.

The two posts above this one are probably an easier idea than mine. Specially since I’ve never seen the wireless one.

Whoah, there’s an updated firmware for the headest? Where is it? How do you install it?

I got the wireless headset when it first appeared, but have barely bothered with it due to the issues you mentioned.

The firmware update is automatic. (Came down as part of the Spring 2007 console update.) Just turn on the headset and make sure it’s connected (wirelessly) to your 360, and the firmware will update.

My wireless headset gathered dust for months when I first got it, due to the complaints I got. But I’ve been using it since the update and haven’t heard a single gripe.