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Dear Blizzard, please make a VR edition of hearthstone that plays like a table from the video “Hearth and Home” kthxbye


Has anyone tried the new “Kobolds and Catacombs” expansion yet?

It gives you an awesome solo adventure for free. It’s a rogue-like CCG dungeon delve. Basically, you pick a class and are given a crappy starter deck to fight a weak monster (a giant rat, a dragon whelp, …). If you succeed, you get granted more cards from a pick of 3 mini packs and, every few victories, an additional special card or power.

The goal is to beat a succession of 8 random and progressively harder bosses. If you lose any match, you will need to start another adventure.

You don’t get to keep the cards afterwards (though your first few runs will grant you free packs). It’s purely for the fun of seeing how deep you can take your makeshift deck.

So far, I’ve managed it with 3 classes (Paladin, Priest, Shaman) and it’s a blast to play. Best of all, it doesn’t require you to own any of the cards you use. So you get to try all kinds of fun deck combos.

I’d highly encourage anyone to give it a try.


Yep. It’s fun, but it’s hard…I’ve not gotten past boss four in my three attempts. My only gripe is that this mode doesn’t count for any of the daily quests (unless you have one specifically for the adventure).


Yeah dungeon run feels a little bit like an offline Arena-junior, also with your power level escalated as usual in PvE vs PvP.

There’s a bit of luck of the draw w/r/t the bosses you get (my first run I got totally screwed with a enemy hero power that exactly countered my deck), but the deck building does a pretty good job of demonstrating different archetypes and expecting you to select accordingly.

I assume you get a card back for beating it with all classes?


My only gripe is that this mode doesn’t count for any of the daily quests (unless you have one specifically for the adventure).

It also counts for the 100 gold “Win 7 games in any mode” quest. But otherwise, yea it’s just a place for “fun.”

My only complaint with it is that the 8th tier boss fights are 10x harder than anything before them. I am constantly blasting through 7 bosses in half an hour, and then getting annihilated in short order by some cheating, OP shit fight. It ruins the mode for me, but otherwise it’s a great distraction thanks to the treasures you pick up along the way.

I’ve been watching various tournaments that have been going on since as early as 24 hours after the expansion went live, and they are so much more fun because the meta isn’t predictable, and superior deck-building skills are really making a difference for the winners.

So far I think Corridor Creepers are MVPs of the expansion, and if you don’t have them you need to craft them.


I think boss 7 is the hardest. Both times if gotten to the 8th boss I’ve won easily.

The stealth cloak and the rod then makes big minions cost 5 are the MVPs. Also Shaman’s cards suck. I lost to the wee whelp with Shaman.


Different strokes. I won on my first run with shaman. And while I’ve used the card cost reducing ability once, I’d favour just about every other choice above the stealth one.

It shows the runs accommodate different play styles very nicely.


Well, that and that the runs are super-reliant on RNG. You don’t get the right choices of artifacts or card sets for your playstyle, and you’re Kobold chow.


Yeah. That too.


I’ve had terrible luck with spell casting classes. I’ve cleared it with Hunter and Warrior, both times just keeping my board full of big minions.

I had one good run with the Shaman with the Wax Golem and the artifact that makes death rattles trigger twice. I’ve get the golem down then in a few turns have a board full of immortal 5/1 minions. I lost that run to the Trapped Room when I couldn’t draw the wax Golem


I’m 2/9 on boss 8 victories so far. I’ve completed the run with Mage and Hunter. I’m hearing that Warrior is the hardest but I haven’t tried that yet.


Logged in this morning and realized I had no new daily quest. Apparently there’s a bug…if your quest is missing, you have to log out of Battle.net completely (not just close the launcher, but actually log out) and then log back in.


I completed Paladin with a silver hand / buffs deck, with the +1 mana and the enemy +1 minion cost relics. Those are basically aggro-made-easy relics.

But a previous attempt at basically the same deck lost against the Kobold wth the hero power that pings random enemies with damage, because I just couldn’t keep a body on the board.

I tried aggro decks because I found myself losing a number of attempts on the first or second boss due to running out of cards.


I don’t spend real life money on Hearthstone. If I can’t buy it with ingame gold, I don’t buy it.


Only money I’ve spent in Hearthstone is a couple of bucks way back when it first came out, largely just because you got some kind of bonus for doing a paid Arena run at the time. But I don’t play high-level ladder stuff.


My wife and I pre-order every expansion. More cards = more variety. We don’t strive for competitive perfection, but variety.


Perma-stealth + Mal’ganis was fun…


I start collecting for the next expansion right after release of the current one. I had 7500 saved up plus the 5 or so free packs you get so I get around 80 free packs. Buy a card or three from dust and I do the best I can, usually rank 15ish. At around 300 saved for the spring pack already.


My son just opened me a gold Lord Jaraxxus from this weeks brawl pack. Should I dust him and craft a good legendary or 4 good epics? A golden hero is so cool though.


Jaraxxus is still a top tier card. It’s overshadowed right now because the Warlock Deathknight is absolutely phenomenal, but DKs will rotate out at some point… although that won’t be until April 2019, so…

If you don’t have the Warlock DK then I’d suggest holding on to Jaraxxus at least until you get one. It offers huge amounts of value due to the hero power alone, not to mention the weapon and heal potential.