Hearthstone - Qt3 league

If you would like to join the Hearthstone league, please read the second post for the FAQ. You are welcome to join as many events as are open, although you might want to specify which you’d prefer in case there’s not enough room for you to play in more than one.

These Hearthstone event(s) are under way:

Deadline is Thursday, May 29 at midnight.

Tournament structure:

o Join whenever you like.
o Everyone joins the league at Level 1.
o Each round lasts 6 days.
o You’ll play a best-of-three match versus the players to either side of you at your level.
o Anyone who wins both matches ascends a level.
o Anyone who loses both matches descends one level.
o Anyone alone at a level will simply join the next one up (or down).
o After 8 rounds, the top four players (ties broken by cum. wins) advance to the playoffs.

Draft rules:

o Before the match starts, one player chooses a pair of heroes (e.g. Rogue and Paladin) and the opponent picks one (leaving the other hero for the first player)
o Each player then drafts a new deck by using the ‘Suggest a card’ for all thirty cards
o No legendary cards may be chosen (if all three choices are legendary, back out and click ‘Suggest a card’ again)
o Otherwise, no restrictions other than don’t stop drafting until you are done
o Play a best-of-three series

Deadline for Round 1: Wednesday, April 23, at midnight


Q: How can I join the league?
A: The original post explains what events are currently under way and what events we are currently recruiting for. Just PM me your Hearthstone nickname (accessible in Battle.net if you choose Hearthstone and hover over your nickname in the upper right) and follow the directions for the event that you wish to join.

Q: What if I’m on the EU (Europe) server?
A: Just say so when you send me your PM and I’ll create an EU bracket if there is enough interest.

Q: What are the rules for the event that I am in?
A: See the grids in the original post, or the text just below them, for the rules.

Q: How do I ‘vote’ for the hero I’d like to play? (not applicable right now)
A: Send me a PM with nine votes split among your desired heroes (e.g. you might send “7 Druid, 2 Rogue” or “3 Shaman, 3 Warrior, 3 Priest” or “9 Warlock”). As we begin, I will assign heroes, starting with those who got 9 votes, and breaking ties at random.

Q: Is there a different thread for general Hearthstone questions?
A: Yup, here!

Q: What resources are there for beginners?
A: Here is a guide posted by Vivafringe.

Storing results for current tourney:

Results so far:

The Coins: Wolff > PoliteNate
Stampeding Kodos: Boojum > bobman
Angry Chickens: ineffablebob > Dave Perkins
Sunwalkers: ineffablebob > Funkula
Blood Imps: delirium > Justin Fletcher
Faerie Dragons: Spect > Joe Bolt

I’m in for stampeding kodos

Nishoba#something will update when home.

Happy to play least chosen again

I’ve only barely played this but might be interested after I learn the game a bit. Would any of you guys be up for friendly games with a total noob?

If you add the players above in the matrix to your Battle.net friends list, you’ll find plenty of people willing to whip ya into shape.

I’m assuming the Chickens are excluding legendary cards?

Beats me. I’ve never seen one. Should they? Would 2 legendary cards kick the shit out of 2 epics?

Depends on the legendary, in most cases no

I assume that people with awesome legendary cards would be embarrassed to be a Chicken. :)

Forgot to record this, but Thraeg defeats Ananab Tilps 3-0

Also, I’d be in for the Stampeding Kodos.

I’m in for Stampeding Kodos!


So… could everyone please PM me instead of posting? :) Besides, you’re supposed to PM me your hero votes. I’m definitely giving priority to people who send votes in over people who just post that they want to play.

I think I need to play my games in the current matrix before committing to other matrices, because I feel like others are frustrated with me.

Feelings are not important in the matrix.

PM sent. Funkula#1770 for anyone who wants to add me for casuals.

I’m in for the Chickens! PM on the way shortly. And anyone wanting to play a bit casually is encouraged to friend ineffablebob#1284 and message me anytime.

I’ll be hopping only in a sec. Hit me up if you want to battle my Priest for the first tournament. First to contact me in-game, first to feel my holy wrath!

Shame exists on the internets? Go figure. :)

I’m in for angry chickens.


PM sent for class choice prefs.