Hearts of Iron 3

From my own invasion of Britain, I can see why the AI would have no problem invading England. British AI sends a ridiculous amount of their navy over to the East Indies if they end up at war with Japan “too early”. And they don’t seem to actively patrol with the remainder of their fleet. Perhaps there is too much AI focus on transport protection?

I stopped playing until the next patch, as it isn’t even the end of 1939 and the Allies, while including USA and most of south america, are basically defeated in Europe (I have France, England, Poland, Denmark).

And Bucky…natch.

Ugh, got a corrupted save game, just when I had the entire Italian army trapped in the boot. Time to delete some sunk_ships!

Does the US AI actually have anything in 1939?

They have boats somewhere, but not near europe. I think there was a skirmish in the pacific between them and japan judging by the sunk ships list. Last time I checked they also had a pretty decent army, but not enough to actually invade. Nor any land doctrine technology. Which is a problem across the board for the AI as far as I can tell.

Is there a mod where Supermans space capsule crashed into Nazi Germany and he was raised in the SS ?

I can see that this game will be great once they get the kinks worked out. Playing as England I landed at Palermo, drove up the Boot and eventually, after 12 hours of play, Annexed Italy. The game gave me Rome and the lower half of Italy, but all my troops were in the Northern half. The Northern half was Axis and being deep in enemy territory my divisions were out of supplies and surrendered within a day. WTF.

I took note of all the Victory provinces and loaded a save game. This time i made sure to have a division in each of those provinces the next time the surrender event fired. When the surrender happened I was once again deep in enemy territory, but I owned the new Italian capitol and all the worthwhile provinces. This time, after the day had passed, the new italian regiime that my troops were in surrendered a second time. This time when I annexed the top half, the bottom half went to the allies, as a puppet regime of England and the top half switched to my ownership.

That was a pretty messed up series of events, but nothing to do with the core game play. Just a scripted set of events gone horribly wrong.

Just a note…

I’ve managed to fix the Italy invading France issue, the Finland & Romania problems, and the Soviets being too weak when their frontline collapses. This is with Vanilla HoI3 which means each game is wildly different but the above has been solved in most games. But when I go further to fix some Chinese territoritories and incorpoate Shauf’s AI mod things get a little weird for some reason (Germany took over all of Europe, Great Britain, Africa, and is now invading the United States via Boston).

I think I need to rebalance the British navy as they die too easily making for an easy Operation Sea lion. I wish I had 2 supercomputers so I could sim the same build in parallel to work on my next version AND do it faster.

Strategy game crowdsourcing!

I hope you don’t find yourself having to start all over again later this week when 1.2 is released (hopefully).

But I suspect you will. That’s why I’ve limited myself to a map mod. The game has been out less then a month and in typical Paradox fashion a lot of things are in flux. It won’t surprise me if 1.2 makes notable changes to things we aren’t even thinking about right now. As such, playing with mods is a lot different then with more mature games.

Fucking hell, save game crash. Got it, cleared out sunk_ships, played for a while, quit, got it again. Hopefully 1.2 fixes it, but it’s not like it’ll fix the file that’s corrupted in the first place. Lame.

Are you using the savegame cleaner that takes out not only the sunk ships but also all the extra lines of 0’s? That has fixed every save game corrpution I’ve had.

I’m running a careful log of files I’ve changed so I can immidiately compare. I have my doubts as to whether this patch would fix some of the things my mod is addressing. BUt yes, I figured that all my work might be unnecesary when the patch is released… but then I’m also making a Fascist Ireland mod to retake Northern Ireland from the British.

Wow, new patch update from Johan!


Another update was put out thursday night here

1.2 is now in approval testing, and if it goes well, it should be out tomorrow.

The full patch notes are out:


Looks like I’ll have to start a new Japan GC this weekend.

Looks like I’ll have to load up a save from before my CTF had all of its escorts destroyed by one Italian BC.

Hey TomChick!

  • Escape now opens the ingame menu if nothing is selected, else it deselects all.
  • ‘w’ now moves the map to the location of current unit.
  • ‘s’ now opens up the stance selection window.
  • ‘,’ selects all air units loaded on ship.
  • ‘.’ selects all loaded land units on a ship or plane.
  • ‘l’ now loads or unloads a unit to a ship.
  • ‘p’ now loads or unloads a unit to a plane.
  • ‘a’ now opens up attachment interface.
  • ‘d’ detaches a selected unit.
  • ‘c’ now creates a new HQ above current unit.

It’s a start…

And the patch itself is out now (downloading verrruh slowly from Gamersgate - hey, almost like there’s some pent-up demand!) I’ll mirror when/if it finishes.

(Edit: scratch that. Paradox apparently views remote hosting of their patches as “facilitating piracy”. Hooookay then.)

Awesome news. It’s been sitting on my desk unopened waiting for a few patches to come out.

If you have the Steam version of HOI3 it will patch, but put the files in the wrong directory. You’ll need to dump everything from C:\Program Files\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\hearts of iron 3.