Hearts of Iron 4 announced


If you all haven’t seen Death of Stalin go watch it. General Zhukov cracked me up in it and Steve Buschemi/Michael Palin are awesome.


I floundered around in this for about 20-30 hours when it first came out. It feels like it should be really great once it clicks (as with EU4, which took me over 30 hours). Looking to dive back in until Stellaris 2.2 is patched up to snuff (I guess a few weeks). Any good guides/tips out there for a relative beginner?

I happen to have all the DLC, inexplicably…! (Really - not sure if I somehow bought a higher end on release on accident that includes everything? Definitely not my style with any game…)


If you just want to learn the basics like the UI, how production works, and fight a few small wars then Brazil is the CK2 Ireland or EU4 Portugal. If you’re ready for a real game, a lot of people recommend Germany. Sure, you might very well lose your first game, but it puts you square in the driver’s seat and gives you the manpower and industry to play around with all the toys.


Naval Combat DD

I like the new emphasis on zones and screening. A more abstract model allows things to work a bit more realistically, instead of having battleships firing their heavy guns at enemy DDs.


I would only play germany if that’d allow me to throw the nazis in a dungeon and join it to the communist internationale.


You can throw the Nazis in a dungeon, but Germany ends up being either authoritarian (Kaiser) or a democracy in that path, IIRC.


That DD sounds terrific!


Wish this was out right now.


I guess I haven’t played enough of this game to understand what is/is not possible, but I’m with you. I’ve been reading a lot of Harry Turtledove lately and I’d like to recreate alternate histories.


With each DLC, they redo some existing countries focus trees and add focus trees for others. Usually this includes alternative history paths. Though now that I think about it, the alt-history is usually tied to the DLC (the next DLC has fascist and communist paths for UK and USA for instance).

Lots of mods have alt-history paths to the base game, tough of these I’ve only played Kaiserreich, which is basically the grand-daddy of alt-history.


Yes, I really like the new approach. I also want to compliment them on the structure of this Developer Diaries.

ts best to start by looking at problems in the old system so you can see how we have tried to solve them and iterate. We identified the following:

  • Battles are extremely decisive so tiny mistakes have bad consequences
  • Combats tend to snowballs as everyone and their mother’s fleet pile in
  • A big fleet was always better, together with the above point promoting doomstacking
  • The interface gets very confusing as ships close with each other. Distance overall is very hard to show and balance.
  • It is easy to miss a combat happening while busy elsewhere.
  • Its “simulation nature” made balancing an incredibly hard problem. Resulting in things like the all-battleship fleets performing well.

I find very it very encouraging when a developer clearly lays out. Here is the problem that we think players have with the game and this is how we fix it.

I think the only other problem I had with Naval system that I didn’t understand, it figuring out which type of admiral I should assign to a fleet, other than seawolf for sub-packs.


Still no release date?


Nope, not yet. I’m guessing February or March but it’s hard to tell with the Christmas break coming up. I was real close on predicting the Stellaris expansion release date but I have less of a feel for this one!




The exact mechanics aren’t really clear to me, but the general drift of things sounds pretty good.


Part of my plan for giving England a hard time included mining up the English Channel. I executed this plan with a cruiser sub equipped with naval mines and plane catapults. These plane catapults boost the sub’s surface detection, giving them an advantage in being detected and helping them remain invisible, at least for the first couple years of the war.

I can appreciate mechanics like the one described where an aircraft-equipped submarine would have a surface spotting bonus, but it’s situations like the one described where the airspace over the channel is so congested/contested that there’s no way that mechanic should provide a bonus (if anything, it should be a penalty). I think the challenge comes when they try to tack a flat bonus (provided by something like submarine-launched aircraft) onto a system that is already modeled (the air layer) and then not having those systems communicate in a way that produces realistic-ish results.


New DD on Fuel and Motorized Art

It seems like they are providing some nice tools to monitor and manage fuel use, and motorized art is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Hopefully the AI can handle this new game element! Realistically, I expect it to have a lot of problem, at least at the start.


New DD on tech changes

This goes over in more detail changes that were already presented back in October in: DD on amphibious vehicles and tech changes

Oh well. They are still good changes, and we get to see the naval tech tree.


I’m glad they are changing how the tech research works. Letting German get the Panther (43) by the end of 1940/early 41 was a bit overpowering. I really looking forward to the Naval changes.


I liked that change a lot. It’s something a lot of people have been arguing for. Though they could still allow 10k Panthers in '41 if they are too generous with the bonuses.