Hearts of Iron 4 announced


What’s this “founder edition”? Does Paradox do this for all its games.


I think they only did it for HOI4. They got a lot of backlash from people so they stopped doing it.

Basically, it was a Field Marshall edition that gave you access for the first 3 expansions or something like that. They later tacked on an extra expansion, if I remember correctly. Ended up being a really good deal.


That sounds about right. I almost never buy anything but basic editions of games, but I was heavy into EUIV at the time of the purchase decision on HOIV and decided to risk it. It’s turned out really well for me so far. I guess this will probably be the last DLC I benefit from it though.


It really should have been a no-brainer for me, I knew I was going to buy all the expansions anyway. I’m with you, though, I have a policy where I only buy standard editions and I think I just went with that out of habit/reflex. I’m still kicking myself, especially after they added the extra expansion. :)


Yeah I should have sprung for the Field Marshal edition way back when.


I stop doing that after getting burned with some game with a season pass. HOI III was such a marginal game for me that I was really reluctant to trust they’d do a good job with IV. I’m delighted to be proven wrong.

BTW, I asked the Expert AI guy on his support for MtG. He said it will be at least a week for him to come out with new version. Which in programmer time means at least 2 weeks right but hopefully not 2 months.


Okay kids, we’re just over a week out for release and Podcat has put together a (massive) overview of what’s coming in the Man the Guns.


Grab a coffee and a snack because it’s long.


It’s quite impressive to see all the changes in one post like that.


Man the Changelog! That is a crazy amount of stuff, really glad I got the season pass on release.


Will you guys just stop rubbing it in?


Patch log is out

Also some impressions from pre-release streams sound good? I haven’t had time to actually watch these…


From what I have seen so far. People are having an extremely hard time adapting the new naval combat.


  • People were so used to create death stacks
  • Players have their mindset about certain ship types do a single certain thing
  • Submarines weren’t creating any tension
  • Spotting wasn’t a problem
  • No fuel

But now the players have to adapt these things

  • Naval superiority is serious as land combat and a full-time task
  • You should never do a single type ship, players have to create different ship types with the same hull
  • Radar&Spotting are extremely important!
  • You need to have a higher tier tech to battle with submarines
  • The game has slowed down to more authentic levels, naval superiority isn’t something you archive instantly
  • Players have to respect the mines!


There was one DLC - Death or Dishonor - that was not a full expansion. So we got that for free along with the other 3 regular expansions.

I will say I got my money’s worth from buying the Field Marshall Edition. I got that on sale for about $50 prior to the game being released and it turned out to be a bargain. I normally would not purchase that kind of version on release but knew that given it was Paradox that the DLC would be coming.


Is there a beta we can get into for this?


They don’t do public betas for major expansions but it’s out tomorrow anyway!


Yea! I thought we had a week or two yet.


Well, if you want to safe yourself a little grief, pretend tomorrow is a pre-release beta accessible to people that have bought the game. In a week or two they will have ironed out some of the other issues they crop up with all the new systems. :)


Would anyone like some patch notes?


Hearts of Iron IV is priced at 60% off and all its DLC except the latest are 50% off at both the Paradox Webshop and Steam.


And you can get an extra 10% on Steam for DLC you don’t own in the Mobilization Pack


So I started a game as the US. Man it is like a new game. The US focus tree is way different you have to convince Senators and Representative to go along with your proposals. The Ship designer is pretty nice.