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What is the difference to divisions being on the top vs. bottom line?




That view says the same thing as the view on the bottom (but always visible), it shows the army groups they’re in (or none). Try to have them always in an army group with a field marshal, even if they’re doing different things - it’s still a few more bonuses, and their location doesn’t matter (except when creating an army group front, but you can always modify it).



You created lots of theaters and didn’t put armies in army groups.

My Far East theater looks like this:


I’m using 3 field marshals, and you can see how many armies each FM has (4, 3, and 2). The top line is your full army view. If I pull out one general from an army group, I get this:


The top row now has the army I split off displayed in it. If you add armies to more army groups, your theater view will make more sense. Your theater has one field marshal with one army in it, and the rest aren’t in army groups. Most field marshals can command 5 armies.



Wow that’s a big revelation. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix that.

If I don’t set a garrison option for infantry, will they still get entrenchment if they sit there long enough?



Yes, they’ll entrench whenever they’re not moving.



Yep! And as Perky pointed out, you get stats, too. Attack, defense, planning speed, supply reduction, and others depending on your field marshal’s traits. Even a skill 1 FM is better than nothing.



I have to say, @jpinard, it’s pretty impressive what you’re doing with the Soviets in your first stab at the game. The USSR is huge and a lot to manage, plus you have the Germans knocking on your door to deal with.

You definitely jumped into the deep end of the pool!



Thank you! I’m having fun :)

As Russia I don’t have any good Field Marshals because of the purge. Would it be worth it to me to promote one of my top Generals (Ivan Konev) so I get more bonus? I need lots of defense cause of Germany, so in the grand scheme, I’m not sure if he’s better as General or Field Marshal.



Are you supposed to activate your “plan” when you’re guarding a front?



No need to execute a plan while on defense.



Field Marshals level quite slowly, so getting a really good General and then promoting them works well, especially if you went with purging the only good FM. The purge presents you with no good options. FMs have a different skill set than Generals, so keep that in mind when choosing traits. You can hold off on picking traits until you decide to promote them and then go with FM traits instead of General ones.



Does building up infrastructure give you more resources? Watching a Youtube vid right now and he made that comment. In other news I lost my game again lol. I do not have good grasp on how I should be defending against the Axis.



Increasing the level of infrastructure in a province usually increases the amount of resources available. You’ll see the amount provided by infrastructure indicated by a ‘+ #’ value after the resource score while in the ‘build infrastructure’ mode. Provinces that provide very little of a resource won’t see a benefit from infrastructure. tip: building infrastructure can also unlock additional factory slots in the state.



Yes, it sure does. It can be worth it to build up infrastructure in resource-rich provinces (especially if you’re short on that resource).

Playing the USSR is not an easy game for a new player. Having to manage a massive front, the purge, and a ticking German time bomb can be rough when you’re trying to learn the fundamentals! On the plus side, you have oodles of resources and industry to play around with a bunch of stuff, which is great.



You have to have 10/10 infrastructure in a province, and you have to spend 100 political power to upgrade it to get 1 building slot. Unfortunately, it’s not a free upgrade.



Really? I thought that was a separate mechanic.



Is there a way I can send my volunteers home and get a fresh batch of units. My current group is sapped.



Your volunteers are in it until the war ends or you enter a war yourself. Pull them back from the front and let them recover.



Sorry another question on research. There are several things in the Engineering research tab that don’t actually tell you what they are going to upgrade. Would someone be able to tell me?

  • Basic Fire Control System
  • Improved Fire Control System
  • Advanced Fire Control System
  • Decryption and Encryption (no idea what these do)


If you have better decryption than the enemy has encryption, you’ll get a bonus in combat. If you can’t crack their encryption, you won’t be able to see all the details of enemy troops on the front lines. Where it would normally show the number of divisions, it will instead show “?”.

If I’m not mistaken (I may be getting the names mixed up), the Fire Control System techs allow you to install those systems onto ships via the ship designer. They provide a good boost to your guns at the cost of some reliability.