Hearts of Iron 4 announced


Building industrial might in Hoi 4 is a game of its own, there are some real gains by knowing what infrastructure you should build stuff in, and when to build what, For Germany I usually like about 120 civs by 1938 august…then I build factories like crazy, this strategy can be dangerous, as you might have problems short term…but certainly not long. Same goes for Russia, but you can do more as your fun doesn’t start until 41.



Here’s a shot of my current status. The original border is approximately 1-2 provinces to the west of where the middle of my line is. My lines against the Germans in the Baltic, as well as against the Hungarians and Romanians have held.

It’s looking like I’ll lose one heavily fortified mountain province in Stanislawow any day (which shouldn’t be an issue with the other units nearby. If anything, it may make my defense strong as it’ll shorten my border. Spoken like a true party member!


Is there a noob intro video that you would solidly recommend? I love the idea of the game, but I am brand new. I did buy all the expansions as I am weird like that.


@jpinard is brand new too, he might be able to recommend a video!


Quill18 put up a new video series on Youtube for beginners that covers the basics pretty well. It was loaded a couple of weeks ago so the information is pretty current.


Do this for sure. It helps tremendously. And read all my questioning posts lol.


OK this appears to be a major part of the game I didn’t know about.
What do you mean by wait for their supply lines to catch up. Also, you touched on something I’d totally neglected in all my games. I never researched decryption or encryption because I felt like it wasn’t as important as other things. Sounds like I had that backwards?

Also, what if I just said, screw fighters, I’ll just add anti-air support groups to all my infantry divisions. Could that work? If I’m also slowly putting out some fighters too to help?

Also - would it be possible for me to put units in Cairo to help the dumb British hold that and the Suez Canal? The AI is super stupid and never bothers defending those critical ports. I went to an earlier save and sent volunteers but they were sent to Albania and I couldn’t figure out how to relocate them to Egypt.


It means that even if they have an empty path before them (say, all the way to the capital), they’ll be too scared of encirclement to just go.

It certainly worked before, if you put enough (probably fattening them to 30 or 40), don’t know about now. The fighters would still be easy targets, though.


For this… am I missing something? You have to do land battles before you get points to work this with right? So you can’t really do a full new infantry division template until you’ve fought with volunteers in China for a while?


I don’t know what he did, but there’s an exercise/train toggle. It not only makes your troops more experienced (to a point), it gives army experience and some experience to the leader.


Also, did you remove the support artillery from the basic infantry template when you added infantry to make it 20-wide? I realize you have it for the good infantry group.

Also, if I modify a template to remove certain things, will it all go back in the pool?

There are a few splits in the tree. Could you screenshot it to see which way you went? Thanks :)


This is solid for beginners. Thanks all!




Army leaders do not gain XP from training.


What about Field Commanders?


Neither Generals nor Field Marshals receive anything from training. It’s still worth doing for the Army XP and raising units to Regular experience levels, which gives them a 25% bonus in combat. If you already have enough XP and a decently experienced army, it is a waste of equipment.



What Perky_Goth said. Also, have you noticed sometimes that your units will have a little yellow exclamation mark beside them? That means they aren’t willing to move where their orders tell them to because there isn’t enough supply available in that province. The AI does the same thing when fighting against you. I haven’t found a way to exploit it, but it will slow their advance. If the AI has struggled at defeating a defense for an extended period of time, then they’ll occasionally pause and allow their planning bonus to grow again. It’s a combination of all of these things that I was referring to.

I’m not sure I’d completely ignore fighters because even if you’re hopelessly outnumbered (in my game, the Germans are able to put up about 5k fighters total to my now-dwindled 2k), you’ll occasionally get the air superiority bonus. Personally, I don’t bother with anti-air. The malus reduction isn’t significant enough to devote so many factories to it to IMO.

Since you’ll primarily be fighting the Germans, you could probably forgo decryption. But if you don’t at least keep up with them in encryption, then they’ll get a combat advantage of 2.5% per level of difference between your encryption and their decryption. So by '42, they’d be seeing a 7.5% advantage in combat against you if you ignored encryption entirely. That’s too significant to ignore in my opinion. I say you can ignore the decryption only because the Germans will probably research encryption, so you wouldn’t get a benefit.

Meh. North Africa doesn’t hold a real strategic interest for you at the moment.

Spanish civil war. Keep that fight going as long as you can. I immediately sent 5 full divisions to fight it in my game and managed to help the Republicans win it. I left it with something like 45 army experience. Also keep in mind that you get army experience whenever equipment you produced is used in battle (it doesn’t show up on the experience tool-tip, but you can see it ticking anyway), so I trickled them some infantry equipment (~200/mth) to them for that. I did the same when war broke out between Japan and China. If you want to be a real arms dealer, you can trickle your equipment to both sides.

This should give you plenty of army experience to slightly modify your divisions. Remember, adding an infantry battalion to your base template should only cost 5 experience, and the support divisions are 10 experience each. Provided you duplicate your templates at the right time, it doesn’t actually take much experience to ‘optimize’ all your templates (probably <60 by the start of the war). Also, don’t neglect Boris Shaposhnikov for his 0.05 army experience/day bonus for being your theorist.

Hah. Remember, I started my Land Doctrine tree late. In January, '42, I’m only actually taking the first of the Integrated Support techs now (I don’t put line artillery in my infantry templates – support only – so I wouldn’t benefit from Dispersed Support).

Random edit tip: don’t forget to appoint Mikhail Kalinin once you’re at war. The 30% stability hit for being at war will reduce your stability to something like 33% (assuming you forgo the Collectivist Propaganda focus line). Kalinin will restore it to to near 50%. Having a stability of less than 50% will incur increasing penalties to political power gain as well as factory and dockyard output. The production hit if you’re at 33% stability is going to be something like 20%, so this is key!


I’m not really sure why the German unit AI did this, but…

I thought that perhaps it might be due to taking 4M casualties, but Germany had already swapped to All Adults Serve (woo, production advantage: me). It could be that his units had taken hideous equipment losses (many were under 50% strength). Either of these would mean the economy AI had ordered the unit AI to disband some units for consolidation and the unit AI just chose poorly.

More likely the AI just screwed up. Anyway, T-34s are already leading the charge into the former Soviet territories abandoned by the Fascists.


I hope to hear soon about how the AI tricked you into being overly aggressive and cut off your tank armies with a brilliant ‘backhand blow’. Well a guy can dream, right?


Heh, that got me thinking that it would be kind of hilarious (in concept, not in practice) if the devs of a strategy game put in a backdoor where they could hook up to someone’s game and take over the AI without alerting the player.